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It’s the start of the new year, and for many of us, it started with a Tier 4 slap in the chops. Businesses up and down the country who rely on footfall and visitors to their physical location are forced once again to close for the foreseeable. Now might be a good time to look into your business and reflect on your brand.

In this blog, we address the question that becomes increasingly poignant year after year within the business world. That is of course, the difference between your logo and your brand. We want to make sure all our readers can answer that question before we get to work in 2021.

Why it’s important 💯

Well, although it’s pretty simplistic, we are always flooded with questions relating to one or the other, and most of the time they’re mixed up. It’s also common to find agencies that offer logo design and label it as ‘branding’, as brand is such a powerful term. If your business wants the best work from an agency it’s beneficial to know the correct terminologies.

Let’s start with a logo as it’s the least complicated. Your logos importance should never be underestimated. Your logo is an icon or an icon and text that represents your company online, on print and everywhere else. If your business has a brilliant logo it should be easily recognisable and stand your company out from a crowd. It’s also an essential cog in the formation of your brand, but it isn’t your brand identity.

What is a brand? 🤔

Your brand relates to the emotional connection people have with your company. This can be whether or not your employees enjoy working for you, whether those who haven’t shopped with you would do in the future, and, of course, the opinions held by your loyal customers towards your company.

Your brand includes your logo, colour palette, font choices, photography style etc. The beauty of a brand is that it’s how your business is conveyed both physically and emotionally, and it can be in relation to countless facets of the business. The layout of your physical store, the way your website looks, the customer experience shopping with you or even how you write your blogs and social media posts.

OK. So, we know what you’re thinking…which is more important? They may be two different things but they go hand-in-hand. Both are vital for your company and what’s clear when it comes to driving sales and more business, getting each one right is vital!

Having a logo that’s recognisable and a brand that people believe in is what makes your business successful and you should value both equally.

When thinking about your logo you should be asking yourself; does it adequately represent what you do?

It’s often the case for smaller businesses to have what they do written into the logo in some way. Whether that is through the use of appropriate icons or literally writing the sector within the logo itself. However, as your business grows, it is likely that you may diversify your product or service offering. Having a logo which is flexible in the long term will help you keep your brand recognition by not having to change the logo down the line.

In time, once you have become an established brand within your sector you will be recognisable without a title. Your logo alone will stand you front and centre of any crowd. Take Apple, for example, you don’t see them selling fruit and veg, but they spent up until 2007 as Apple Computer inc, much more obviously but far less attractive.

Your brand 👌

It’s important to think about your brand from the first day of business. People’s first impressions and opinions are difficult things to change. Every time you converse with the world, people are forming opinions of your business, tread carefully and make sure that you and your team accurately portray your company from day one.

Treating people like they’re special is one of the best ways for your brand to be remembered. There are several ways you can do this dependant on who you’re aiming at.

Current customers – Offer discount codes or a loyalty scheme to make your current customers use your business more frequently.

Employees – Incentivise your employee’s workloads, treat all your staff fairly and with kindness. Highlighting the importance of a healthy work and life balance. Promote happiness within your business and guide your staff on the path to success, they will do likewise for the business.

Potential customers – If you’ve captured data from potential customers, offer them something meaningful and memorable. Whether you build a blog with great content, offer a discount on first purchases or even give something away for free. The more people that have positive experiences, the more your brand is strengthened.

The world – Be kind to the world in what you say and do on social media. The opinions of the masses can swing one way or another dependant on how intelligently you tread whilst walking and talking online. Be honest, otherwise, it doesn’t represent your business. Try not to offend and definitely don’t get involved in arguments about matters away from your business.

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As an agency that specialises in both branding and graphic design. We can help your business across the board, whether you are looking for an unforgettable logo or you want us to develop your tone of voice across social media and blog content. We have helped shape the journey of countless businesses across many sectors. Get in touch with us today and let’s chat about how we can help!

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