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Welcome to your 2022 marketing calendar.

When it comes to understanding your marketing efforts, there is nothing quite as valuable as planning. Trust us, we’ve seen it time and time again, without a plan things can become overwhelming.

Sometimes, it seems obvious, but for others, it’ll feel time-consuming and tedious. Knowing how and when you intend to market is a huge money-saver in the long run, and it will put you ahead of the competition.

In this blog, we will help you dig out those crucial dates and offer our advice on capitalising on the opportunities 2022 marketing provides for your brand.


New Years Day – (January 1st 2022)

After the madness of New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day is a brilliant marketing opportunity. As a public holiday, it means lots of people are sitting at home in recovery mode, which also means you’ll have more sets of eyes on your content. So, don’t forget to post. Dry January – (1st – 31st January 2022)

As people across the globe attempt to force change upon themselves in the month of January, many go without alcohol for the month. If you are a brand that operates in the health sector, January is the golden egg; market to those who are trying to look after themselves mentally and physically.

Blue Monday -(January 17th 2022)

Blue Monday is known as the saddest day of the year for a culmination of reasons. Bad weather, the overindulgence of the festive period and the long nights mean that people are waiting for something to smile about.

Blue Monday is notoriously a colossal marketing day for those in eCommerce. By interacting with your audience and offering discounted rates and prices, you can provide some kind of happiness.


Chinese New Year – (February 1st 2022)

Chinese new year is known globally for the happiness and enlightenment it brings. 2022 marketing is bolstered by being the year of the Tiger, which, let’s be honest, is a bit of a cooler marketing opportunity than the year of the Ox.

Valentine’s Day – (February 14th 2022)

If you want an angry partner or upset potential customers, then how about you forget about Valentine’s day? Valentine’s is notoriously one of the most marketable days of the year as people look to spend more money on lavish gifts for their loved ones.

If you haven’t already thought about all of those new graphic design pieces for Valentine’s, we would advise starting now. Find out what products your audience wants to see and include them in your product offering. March

World Book Day – (March 3rd 2022)

If there are specific opportunities to push something beneficial throughout the year, World Book Day is undoubtedly one of those. You’ve probably seen countless pictures of children dressed up as their favourite characters in past years, well why not interact with that audience?

Think about a potential giveaway to the best costume, or if you’re a brand with books, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.

International Day of Happiness – (March 20th 2022)

International Day of Happiness is yet another incredibly positive March date for the marketing calendar. It does what it says on the tin, think outside of the box and do something special for your audience.

Mother’s Day – (March 27th 2022)

Mother’s day is another brilliant opportunity for the savvy marketers out there as they look to sell their products to all those looking for something perfect for the mums and mother figures in their life. It’s also an excellent opportunity to freshen up your branding and graphics to present all of your brilliant offers. April

April Fool’s Day – (April 1st 2022)

You’d be the fool if you didn’t make the most of April 1st 2022! Although April fools day is the day of pranks and jokes, you’re missing a trick if you don’t attempt to make the most of the opportunity available to do a little bit of extra marketing. We would suggest an email marketing shot with an April fools prank or joke involved. Don’t forget you can’t put a value on brand awareness and increased touchpoints.

Easter Sunday – (April 17th 2022)

Easter is one of those marketing opportunities that seem to come around every time you blink. One minute it’s Christmas, the next there are Easter eggs in supermarkets again. But, who doesn’t love chocolate? Any opportunity we have to put a fresh coat of all those beautiful spring colours over our branding and give away some chocolate, we’re there! Earth Day – (April 22nd 2022)

As we all want to take our social responsibility into our hands, Earth Day has grown in popularity. So why would you and your business miss the opportunity? You shouldn’t! Why not offer your clients some advice on how they can reduce their carbon footprint? Try a blog post and a string of informative social media posts.


National Eat What You Want Day – (May 11th 2022)

Let’s get it straight; every day is National Eat What You Want Day at Create8 HQ; however, May 11th 2022 is an excellent opportunity for you to share some throw-away positivity with your followers. Champion a positive mentality towards body image and all-around happiness.


Father’s Day – (June 19th 2022)

Father’s day is one of our favourite marketing dates. Father’s day sees the rise in popularity for the traditionally more masculine gifts, and therefore our marketing feeds are filled with Braun, Gillette and Guinness.

All of which is, of course, OK for Mother’s day too, if that’s what your mum wants! We suggest thinking outside the box and building a product offer that re-thinks the way people view ‘father’s day’ gifts. Do something thought-provoking, break down some barriers and build your brand recognition. July

American Independence Day – (July 4th 2022)

The 4th of July is a particularly marketable date if you’re a global business, especially if you are selling into the American market. Independence Day is a huge date in the American calendar but one which you might forget if you solely focus on your national clientele. Think about your audience before you commit to a plan for 2022 marketing.


National Lazy Day – (August 10th 2022)

“Today, I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed.”
National Lazy Day falls on a Wednesday in 2022, which is totally fine with us! Despite not being a national holiday, which it most certainly should be, it’s a lighthearted opportunity for businesses to interact with their audience. OK, it’s likely we will all be working, as it’s a Wednesday, so why not incentivise Lazy Day with some one-time offers? September

National White Chocolate Day – (September 22nd)

Of all the brilliant days of the year, who isn’t going to love National White Chocolate Day? It’s pretty much Easter 2.0 without the obvious religious connotations and lots more white chocolate. Yes, you’d be correct; it is an almost entirely pointless day; however, if there’s white chocolate on offer, you can count us in. The Milkybars are on us.


International Coffee Day – (October 1st 2022)

Few things in this world have the same effect on humans as a slap in the face. However, Coffee is one of those things. It powers the people who power our city; it’s pretty much petrol for the human body. So why not celebrate it?

When it comes to international coffee day, why not look at your employer branding and offer all your employees a free coffee? When your employees talk about you in a great way, so do your customers; that’s a win-win right there! World Mental Health Day – (October 10th 2022)

One of the most memorable dates in the international marketing calendar features for all the right reasons. World Mental Health Day is a globally recognised day where charities, businesses, and individuals worldwide champion understanding and caring for one another. As a business involved in any sector, suggest posting about looking after your mental health. Never miss the chance to show you care on World Mental Health Day.

Halloween – (October 31st 2022)

Halloween is everyone’s favourite marketing opportunity. For your business to make the most of October 31st, have all of your branding updates prepared well in advance. Whether it’s an extra spooky graphic here and there or if it’s a brand recognition exercise or giveaway. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.


Movember – (1st – 30th November 2022)

You may have seen the moustaches everywhere each November? Well, it’s not because we are celebrating the 80’s, it’s all about raising money for charity, so it’s great for businesses to get involved. The beauty of Movember is that it’s interactive as you can involve your clients, staff and potential customers in moustache related giveaways and competition.

Bonfire Night – (November 5th 2022)

This one is for your UK audience. An incredibly popular date in the marketing calendar and another one where you can mix up your design work to make your marketing campaign something unique and memorable.

Remembrance Day & Remembrance Sunday – (November 11th and November 13th 2022)

We had to include both Remembrance days in the list because who doesn’t love a slice of national pride? As the country remembers those who have fallen in the name of freedom, companies flock to share their memories and thoughts with all those families who have suffered. Black Friday – (November 25th 2022)

Second to Christmas, Black Friday is probably the most important date in any marketers calendar. Known for the incredibly reduced prices and offers unrivalled throughout the year, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity for bargain hunters.

If your business hasn’t prepared its Black Friday reductions in advance, we would advise picking out specific products that are popular and reducing those specifically to drive traffic to your website.


Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day – (24th, December 25th 26th 2022)

Well, well, well, where do we start when talking about Christmas marketing? First and foremost, you need to prep all of your Christmas marketing campaigns as early as possible; people are online, and they are spending money like it’s going out of fashion from as early as November. So once you feel comfortable, get your marketing materials out there and start the push!

The marketing opportunities are pretty much endless, with most businesses linking a campaign that includes all of their digital and hard copy assets to drive all possible traffic to their website. New Year’s Eve – (December 31st 2022)

The end of December brings an end to 2022 marketing; therefore, your marketing calendar should have gone full circle by now. You can start thinking about those new year’s resolutions and how your products can be marketed to those championing change once again.

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Marketing is an innovative sector where having a varied skill set will help your business to flourish. If you are planning to fit in throughout 2022, it’s likely that you won’t find the success you deserve, or that you deserve the success you get. Being a creative agency we frequently meet entrepreneurs who aren’t interested in doing the marketing workload themselves and therefore hire a team of external creatives to deal with it for them.

The truth is, we would recommend investing in someone you believe in and making sure you put the time into picking an agency that works for you. Someone who is willing to put in the necessary time to understand what you want to achieve. So, for 2022, plan twice or even three times and execute your marketing efforts once.

If you want to discuss anything mentioned or you want to speak to us and work out how we can work together to chase your business dreams, get in touch. It’s really that easy. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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