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Do you ever wonder how many times the average graphic designer has to tweak brand colours on a project? Little do most clients know, your designer has probably considered every colour under the sun already before putting some forward to you. When it comes to picking your brand colour, there’s a method behind the madness.

Why is getting your brand colour right essential to your brand? And how can you consider people’s emotions to benefit your business?

Colour theory 🍭

Colour theory has been popular in the arts for as long as time and is the reason behind a lot of the design work you see daily. Understanding colour theory when designing benefits your branding and marketing in the long run.

Emotions 🎭

So, what do you think about when someone says ‘anger’? Whatever comes to mind, it’s likely to be more poignant than when someone says, ‘tennis ball’.

This is because of the powerful emotions we attribute to specific words and is also relevant when talking about brand colour. Whether we want to admit it or not, emotions drive our fight or flight response as well as our desire to purchase or close tab.

The feelings you provoke in your potential customers can be the driving force behind their connection with your brand.

Business owners want their product to build a connection so strong with customers that not only do they purchase, but they also return to re-buy time and time again.

Your brand colour 🎨

To truly make the most of human emotions within your branding, you need to re-enforce your company’s relationship with specific colours as much as possible.

Using consistent colours will also strengthen your brand awareness. Just because a particular colour makes you happy doesn’t mean it’s the best colour to achieve your business goals. Pink, for example, might be your favourite childhood colour, but if you were in charge of a bank, would it be on-brand? Maybe it would, it depends on what kind of bank do you want to be!

Colour meanings 🧐

OK, enough of the background theory, here’s what you do. Below is a list of the most popular branding colours with a rough guide of what those colours will likely mean to a person.

Green – is linked directly with prosperity and growth. It has nature at its heart and gives off a healthy regenerative vibe.
Yellow – is the colour of youthful exuberance but can also imply affordability.
Red – is passion; it’s also angry and a colour that symbolises attention or warning.
Royal Blue – is a colour that says professionalism; it is also used to signify importance and trust.
Light Blue – is tranquil like still water, but it also offers a trustworthy vibe (which is why it’s so popular with those dealing with money.)
Orange – Is playful; it wants to be noticed but not as aggressive as red.
White – is clean and crisp. Its use varies from the cheap to the expensive and everything in between.
Pink – is femininity; however, lighter tones have been adopted to offer a modern twist on neutral palettes.
Black – is powerful and luxurious; black is a favourite within the high-end sectors, especially fragrance.

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At Create8, our knowledge of artistic theories and disciplines is used throughout all the branding projects we take on. Our design work is formulated with the best interests of the client’s business at heart.

We understand what it takes to capture attention and how your business can reassure your customers through great branding. So, that being said, if anything you have read in the blog above is of interest to you, get in touch with us today! We can’t wait to discuss your project and see how we can make your brand the most memorable in your sector.

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