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Sure, a rebrand sounds fantastic on paper, but it isn’t always beneficial. When it comes to ripping up your current branding and starting again, it can be a time-consuming and stressful process. In this blog, we’ll address the reasons you may want to rebrand, how a fresh layer of paint can make you feel brand new and how you could throw everything out of sync by choosing the wrong colour.

So, come on a journey with us and find out whether a rebrand is what’s right for you. And if you want to hear about how the rebranding process works, send us a message.

Opinions 🎤

Here’s the thing, just because you think your logo looks a little old, or you don’t like the way it looks on letterheads, doesn’t mean it’s time to rip everything up. Ask for the opinion of others. If you approach a branding agency like Create8, we will be honest. If we think your current logo does the trick, we’ll tell you to stick with it or maybe freshen it up slightly.

When canvassing opinions don’t just go to those who are likely to avoid offending you. You want the truth! This is your business after all.

Opinions will always differ so take those who have sector knowledge and know-how into account as well as those who fall into your target market.

Fitting in isn’t standing out 🤩

One of the main reasons for making a business defining decision like a rebrand is to stand out. It’s often the case that over time competitors adopt similar features when it comes to branding. Whether that’s Netflix and Youtube having the same colour palettes or two businesses having similar names or icons. It happens, and fitting in isn’t always a bad thing. However, in your quest for success, do what you can to stand out, so if that means a new dash of paint, so be it.

Feeling old 🧓

It’s recommended that businesses rebrand every seven years or so. This feels a little outdated as Google has seen a minimum of 7 logo changes in the last 20. If your brand is starting to feel old, then it probably is time to change it up. However, it is pivotal that you address one thing. Is your brand suffering from an old logo and an outdated logo? Because they are very different. The main thought should be, if you have a well-established brand with a loyal following, it is likely that your logo may feel a little outdated. Be careful with the tweaks as drastic changes can upset or confuse your clientele. Adopt subtlety and make sure you are still recognisable after the changes.

New customers 👋

On the opposite side, if you are branching out and targeting new people, this could be the perfect time for a rebrand. For example, before the energy drinks sector came to the forefront of almost every corner shop’s profit margins. Drinks could be stereotypically easy on the eye and utilise block colour. However, in a battle to drag teenagers into the energy drink craze, along came companies like Monster and Relentless who changed everything. Before we knew it, Lucozade and Red Bull had adapted their branding to fight back against the eye-popping colour combinations of these newcomers. The battle for the most colourful shelf was on!

Expanding 📈

As we hope for all our clients, maybe your business has blown up, not literally, of course, but the sales are through the roof and it’s time to make the bold and aggressive move of becoming a sector powerhouse.

With expansion often comes a rebrand, for example, if your business hasn’t updated its logo since being founded by your grandfather, it probably needs it. In fact, it almost certainly does, the presence of the internet and online shopping needs a much sleeker approach to branding.

Think about it 🤔

Don’t rebrand it with haste. We live in an age where far too many decisions are made in an instant and when it comes to a rebrand, this is a bad idea. Think about your strategy, develop your process and devise your plans for the future. Then look at how your current brand works alongside those plans. If you’re looking at new customers or a new sector, then reach out to a reliable and honest branding agency and get another perspective. If there’s anything the world needs right now it’s honest and great businesses that look the part.

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Branding is an interesting journey for every business, old and new. If you have come to the decision to rebrand, let us know! We are ready and willing to take you on your rebrand journey, from start to finish. Get in touch with our team today and let’s get started.

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