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When building and running your business, you’re probably already sick of the term ‘brand’. However, we can’t stress how important it is that you make the right moves when constructing your brand.

What is my brand? 🤔

A question that will continue to appear regardless of the knowledge out there. Your ‘brand’ in the business world is pretty much your entire business as an entity. From the design of your logo to the way you dress when attending meetings. From the user experience when purchasing your products, to the way you sound in your blog posts. Your brand is the relationship your business has with the general public, including you as the owner.

In this blog, we’re giving you some of our top tips on how you can help your business flourish by building a great brand. As a creative and immersive branding agency, we know a few things, so here it goes.

1. Weave your brand into you, and you into your brand. 🧶

When building a brilliant business, that business will undoubtedly have a lot to do with you. You will have poured your soul into its formulation and your patience into the building process. Therefore, to establish a strong brand, you’ll need to keep this momentum going. We know how hard that can be, trust us we do. You should be thinking about your brand at every turn. Think about what is good for your business and in turn the brand you want your business to be.

2. Produce value! 📊

One of the best ways for your brand to become instantly recognisable is if your products offer value to the customer. You don’t have to manufacture items that cost buckets of money to achieve this. Even lower price products create value to their users.

To build a product that has value, you need to think about your place in the market as well as the behaviours and needs of the clientele within that sector. Once you know how your product will benefit customers, you should address how those benefits make them feel. You should fully understand the emotions your product evokes.

3. Be consistent. 👍

Consistency within branding is essential. Whether you are sending out email marketing or writing your next blog post, everything needs to remain consistent. Uniformity is what will make your customers see an email and say ‘oh, that’s Create8’ or read a blog and think, ‘that must be by Create8’. The more consistent you are, the more recognisable you become and that’s vital. Being recognised in a crowded market will drive sales away from your competitors and towards your company.

4. Not everyone will like you. 🤷

Similarly to everyday life, in business, not everyone is going to like you. Accepting that some won’t like your business or buy your products is just a part of the journey, so embrace it. Instead, look to be something for a specific audience or demographic. Being important to certain people will build your success.

5. Build your brand in the shadows. 🤫

As part of the drive to make your brand recognisable, we would advise doing things in silence and building your reach and audience in some innovative ways. Whether you want to give away some of your product to popular sector influencers, or you run giveaways to get your product into circulation. Both techniques allow people to touch, feel and try your product. This will help generate reviews of the product which will increase your brand’s popularity and trustworthiness.

You could create shareable social media content with your branding all over it, in a tasteful way of course! Infographics are popular, as too are blog posts and knowledgeable content.

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Being a branding agency in this generation is a whole lot of fun. There are endless amounts of possibilities at the click of a button, meaning you can push the boundaries as far as you want or be as sensible as you wish. The ball is in your court when it comes to branding. Hiring a branding agency will help you navigate the branding world and achieve the success your business deserves.

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