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Social media management is trickier than most businesses expect. Knowing what to post and when to post becomes somewhat of a science. With a little bit of help, understanding the premise of what you should be sharing with the world becomes a lot easier.

People don’t want to see everything in your camera roll. Some of that stuff is best saved for family and friends. What they do want is a slice of real-life, a dash of personality and a whole lot of inside information.

Let’s talk about some of the things you should be showing the world. And why it isn’t all about your product or service when it comes to effective social media presence.

Social media isn’t for selling 24/7

Think about what people want from their social media platforms. Once you’ve worked that out, you’ll know what to provide as a company.

Think of it this way, if we are sitting in our living room at home, just chilling, feet up watching some throw-away TV, do we want you walking in and screaming about your product? What do you think? Don’t talk about what you’re selling all the time.

Are we more likely to build a bond with your business if we see a digestible piece of content to accompany our state of chill? Yes, we are. Think about what people want, not what you want from them.

That being said, of course, you’ll have to sell at some point. But, engaging those potential customers will grow your following, build brand awareness and guide people to your feed where they may see your product amongst other posts they like.

The 80/20 approach

A good rule to follow on social media is the 80/20 approach to content. 80% of it should be informative or entertaining, the other 20% is selling and promotion-based content. It may sound difficult, but every business owner in the world wants to scream about their company all the time. The most successful ones, however, are those who let other people talk for them.

Let them find you

Once someone reaches your page and sees your products, it can give them a feeling as if they have done the hard work to find you, the business they needed to see.

However, the reality of the situation is that you’ve created that connection with strategic content. A-star for you if your business already does a great job with this marketing approach.

What about the 80%

Here’s the fun part, when it comes to your 80%, what you post has a lot to do with what you’ve learnt about your demographic. Different people like different things, as is the case in all walks of life. So, your knowledge is the most valuable asset here. However, we will give you some ideas and how you can put your business in the driving seat.

Your company personality

The central aspect of your content should offer all potential customers an insight into your business’s personality, your tone of voice, who you are.

When scrolling through your Instagram feed, you may have thought, why is my favourite coffee shop posting pictures of dogs. Well, the answer is simple, people love dogs. If your business is dog friendly, you should promote that information with some furry friends.

This is obviously down to your sector; but still, no one wants to buy from a company that acts like a robot. People want to buy from people, and potential customers would prefer investing in a company that matches their ideals and opinions.

Brand awareness

You should be putting your business within your entertaining and informative content. So, take the example above; why do you think the coffee shop uses an image of a cute dog drinking a puppuccino from a branded cup? Well, that image has a lot of potential to go far, reach more people than their other posts. And what’s front and centre, their branded cup.


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You can’t put a value on brand awareness, get your logo in your throw-away content whether you stick it in the corner of your quiz questions or upload pictures in your branded apron. Think outside the box and prioritise your brand.

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