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It goes without us saying that having a social media presence is essential in the modern business world. It’s also worth pointing out that you may only begin to realise the commitment involved when that mid-evening panic sets in. You know the one, the ‘oh no, I haven’t posted today’ kind of panic. Social media management is a neverending process, hiring a social media manager can regain some of your precious time. Trust us, we know the stresses of a tight schedule.

As a creative agency that works in content creation and social media management, we’re going to discuss the five top social media management tools for 2021. Hopefully, our advice will save you some time, and potentially money.


With many of the social media management tools on the market, navigation is a stumbling block, especially for those with little social media background. However, Loomly is very much the opposite. The cleanliness of the interface makes it simple to get started and easy enough to master. Loomly makes social media management enjoyable, partly through the ease of the scheduling screen. Where you can build up your posts individually or pull through ideas and templated layouts. 

Loomly also offers an interactive screen where you can view and respond to all your mentions, tags and messages. Loomly is one of the standout platforms, try it out and let us know what you think.


One of the first to the social media management party was Hootsuite. As well as being potentially the most famous name on the list, it remains one of the most effective too.

Hootsuite allows for multi-scheduling across several platforms and future planning for all of your social media feeds. One of our favourite things about Hootsuite is that it offers a reasonable free package, ideal for solo businesses. The free package allows up to thirty scheduled posts across three platforms which is more than enough to get you started. Have a play around, the interface is fairly friendly and will help you along the way!


If you’re a data-savvy entrepreneur, then Buffer is for you. Buffer much like Hootsuite, offers a fantastic free package that’s hard not to love. Where Buffer differs, is how it feels like a marketing analyst is helping you through your social media management journey. This is due to Buffer’s insightful built-in analytics platform. Buffer will offer you social media advice as well as being a fantastic management tool. Meaning the program can offer information on the best time to post to increase engagement with your audience.


Enter Plann, an all-in-one Instagram and social media content planner, scheduler + strategist with post ideas, free templates – plus a free link-in-bio tool. Boasting seamless integration with social sharing sites and blogs, Plann empowers users to oversee entire campaigns from a single, centralized platform. What sets Plann apart is its integration with Slack, facilitating seamless teamwork in social media management. Users can also relish in a user-friendly interface that even tracks brand mentions, providing valuable insights into your online presence. Plus, with its convenient app format, Plann grants the flexibility to work on projects anytime, anywhere. Elevate your social media management game with Plann – where efficiency meets excellence.

Sprout Social

If you are often stuck for content ideas, Sprout Social could help you out. The interface is simple to navigate and it’s the perfect starting point for your next campaign.

Sprout has a content finding tool. That means if you’re ever stuck for ideas, you can see what’s going on and assess other peoples projects within your sector. Head to the publishing tab and pull up all those useful articles. You know what’s next, start composing that content. Have fun with it and keep it original and relevant.

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As a creative digital agency, we enjoy a challenge and nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed. No matter which social media management tool you choose, make sure you utilise it to its full potential! If you want to discuss how we could work together, give us a call!

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