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Fashion is fast. In fact, fashion is faster than ever. And, in this increasingly hectic sector, you need to be well ahead of the game to even get into the race. At Create8 we have been helping establish brands from the ground up for years. In this blog, we will look at the necessary steps for you to take before you think to get started on your clothing line brand.

The first thing to remember is that loving and creating fashion simply isn’t enough. You need to be a savvy business person for your brand to survive, let alone thrive. Mastering skills such as marketing, merchandising, retail and manufacture are just par-for-the-course. So if a fashion brand is your dream, here’s where we would start.

Who are you? 🕵️

In the fashion sector, there’s only one place to start. With the question, “who are you, and what do you believe in?’ Brand identity is absolutely vital when it comes to getting this whole process right. If you stand for nothing then you’ll fall for everything.

When we speak of brand identity, it’s much more than the way your logo looks, especially in fashion. Plain font’s and simple emblems are becoming the norm, with over-elaborate logos falling by the wayside. Brand identity is all about YOU. Choosing one item of clothing over another is a personal experience and with that comes the need to showcase your personality.

What does your brand stand for? Is it all about natural fibres and pollution-free production? Or does it have a mass-market, fast-fashion ethos? The answers to these questions are what make us buy or walk away from a product. So give your brand identity some thought, don’t throw something together and believe it’s enough, because believe us, it won’t be.

Plan and plan again 📝

In fashion, plans are made to be broken, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make them. The intention will be what guides your brand and the stumbling blocks along the way will be what shapes your future.

Strategise all the things that are going to make your business work. From the price point of the product to the numbers you’ll need to crunch to break even. The way you’ll market your unbelievable products once they are ready for market and how you intend to show your personality, flair and passion throughout the journey.

There are lots of lessons you can learn from a marketing and design agency who have seen this journey time and time again. There will be things you thought you knew, that won’t be accurate further down the line. As long as you plan for every occasion, you’ll figure it out.

Build your presence 👋

So here’s the thing with fashion. Having an online presence is sizeably more important than having one offline. Starting with your social media, build it out. Start to engage with those around you who want to embrace your journey, and more importantly embrace in the journey of others too. The contacts you make will come in handy in the long run. It’s important to remember, social media will likely become the hub of your advertising, meaning that having a well-established presence will benefit your adverts in the long-run.

Never under-estimate the power of a great website. In our time as web designers, we have genuinely seen it all. We have learnt countless lessons along the way, meaning that our experiences could be priceless to you. In a sector which is as aesthetically driven as fashion is, it’s pivotal that your website is attractive. If it isn’t, it’ll disappear into the depths of the web. Prioritise the user journey as well as the aesthetic and all the internal workings of your website to make sure it’s not only flawless but faultless too.

No matter how great your products are they won’t sell if your website isn’t up to the basic standards. Don’t under-invest when it comes to this step. If anything over-invest, you’ll reap the rewards in the end!

Learn your sales channel and sell 💳

If you are wholly based online and your website kicks ass, you’re going to want to start driving sales. Knowing your sector is still important, there are vital differences in selling B2B and B2C.

Your strategy and approach will be what allows you to thrive or to sink, so here’s where you’ll need to revert to your sales plan to make it work. Most online web platforms will offer some form of eCommerce linking and support. Shopify for example, they make it easy to cross-sell with your social media feeds through their control panel.

Finding the right help and support 🤝

Of course, if all goes well, you won’t be able to do this on your own. Which is why finding the right employees, contractors and agencies will be a vital step in your journey. Look into the interests of the individual or company, as well as their skillset. If someone breathes fashion, they will be more committed to your project.

Find an agency that supports you every step of the way. At Create8 we pride ourselves on our client retention and relationships. We wholeheartedly commit to the projects we take on. Our expertise can go a long way in many sectors as we have helped other businesses on their journeys.

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As an agency, we are a comprehensive and forward-thinking team of individuals. We value each project so highly that every member of our team has creative input, making sure that what you receive on our behalf is as slick as possible. When it comes to all aspects of design, marketing and branding, Create8 is the agency for you.

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