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For musicians across the world, it’s time to say hi to Shopify.

With the increased integration of technology within our day to day lives, it’s not really a surprise when we’re surprised… New, shiny innovations seem to appear with more frequency, and we are all for it.

In this blog, we are talking about our favourite integration of recent times. That would, of course, be the appearance of Shopify’s new Spotify channel. It sounds like a tongue twister, doesn’t it?

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that some of us are those Apple Music users. You know the ones, the people who sit all forlorn at the end of the year as the Spotify users get all of their yearly breakdowns. Twiddling our thumbs, wishing we used Shopify too.

As if there weren’t enough reasons already for us to make the move, this integration just sweetens the deal! So, without wasting any more time, let’s talk about what this collaboration means and why it’s such a brilliant one for everyone involved.

Increased brand power for creators!

It may be often overlooked, but the truth of the matter is, that our favourite artists are brands in their own right. The creator sector is believed to be worth well over $100B, so you can imagine how this strategic partnership works for those involved. Spotify stated that the innovation allows artists ‘the creative freedom to expand beyond music…’

The premise of the partnership is that artists can utilise the traffic they already have on their Spotify platform by integrating their Shopify store within it. Therefore, our favourite artists can send us directly to their online stores and offer the opportunity to purchase any products they may be selling.

Previously musicians have been able to link their eCommerce storefront with all kinds of touchpoints, including entertainment platforms and social media feeds. But now they can connect to one of the most popular audio streaming services in the world too.

Selling the sought after

One of the great benefits of this integration for the fans is that we will now gain access to that often difficult to purchase merchandise. As our favourite artists continue to build their multifaceted brands, their merch grows and as too does their following.

The Shopify link within Spotify – as much as that is a tongue twister that is to say – it will simplify the purchasing process significantly.

In recent years we’ve seen artists like Kanye West and Travis Scott diversify their products so vastly that they could debatably be seen as fashion designers before musicians.

With almost every piece of merchandise that these rappers have released selling out instantly, the Shopify & Spotify project seems to make even more sense.

The integration between the two platforms could lead to more unique merch for hardcore fans. Secret releases and limited edition products could be made more readily available for fans who listen to their favourite musicians on Spotify.

Shopify at Create8

When it comes to selling your products online, a brilliant eCommerce website is an absolute must! If you are looking for a design agency, look no further than Create8. We love a challenge, and optimising Shopify websites to generate our client’s extra business is our top priority.

With a team of rule-breaking designers who love to create eye-catching websites, your business is in safe hands.

Improving the user journey

You’re probably bored of us waffling on about the user journey, but it’s something that businesses should be making notes on constantly.

As a new integration enters the digital world, the first thing you need to know is, ‘will it improve our current offering?’ Will it make the lives of your loving customers a touch easier, and in turn, if it will make your business a little more revenue.

The beauty of the Shopify x Spotify integration is that it does all of those things mentioned above and more. When you think of how fans currently navigate the merch made by their favourite artists, it is essentially a fragmented experience.

From listening to music on a streaming platform to buying tickets for gigs and shows and purchasing merchandise, the whole thing isn’t really a step-by-step experience.

Now, fans can smoothly go from music to tickets and merchandise on the artists Shopify eCommerce with this integration. Putting user journey and the sales funnel first and sloppy purchasing behaviour last.

Close enough to touch

What’s the secret behind brand interaction? Well, in our experience, we champion relatability and connectivity as a means to build hardcore fans and brand awareness.

As Shopify and Spotify hold hands and walk off into the sunset together, it means that our favourite artists move even closer into reach. Since the appearance of social media, we have never been more than a mere post away from a celebrity’s thoughts and feelings.

Our fave artists want to bridge the gap to their fans as much as possible. Why? Well, because the more nurtured the artist/fan relationship is, the more likely the fan is to buy into their bid for global domination. The partnership between Shopify and Spotify adds a little more love to that relationship as more frequent interaction is created.

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There have been a few key points you may have picked up on in this blog, there is an underlying need for a responsive and attractive brand to build a successful business. There’s also the human emotion of empathy that needs to be shown to your audience to make you a brand that stands out from the rest.

If anything you have read in this blog is of interest, or if you simply want to chat, we are here. If you’re looking at building a new brand, you need a fantastic new eCommerce website, or you want to streamline your user journey, get in touch!

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