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Graphic Design Trends 2021

Within graphic design trends, this year has been a fun one so far. We’ve already seen everything from thought-provoking marketing campaigns to start-up businesses with some of the most extraordinary branding we’ve ever seen.

If there’s one thing the modern world loves, it’s a trend. We are all about jumping on the next big thing and making it better than ever. It is such a big part of life that businesses across the globe hire whole teams of staff whose job it is to stay in the loop with all things trending; even Twitter champions ‘trending’ news and content.

Maybe it’s because more and more business owners and decision-makers have that Gen Z blood coursing through them. The same people who collected Pokemon cards, fought their friends with Beyblades and kept Polly’s in their pocket.

Whatever the reason may be, we have the age of the changing business trend upon us, and as a design agency, we couldn’t be happier.

2021 has been a year of optimism. From January 1st, we’ve been looking forward to having a little more light this year than last. We’re running through our top five graphic design trends of 2021 so far. Let’s go!

Psychedelia 🤩

Our first trend on the list has its heart fully in the 60s. Psychedelia was a movement that originated from the music and artwork of the 1960s and has a huge resurgence this year. Traditionally psychedelic design portrayed an abstract craziness, a subconscious emptying of one’s mind, and of course, freedom. In the break away from the constraints of classic design, you could easily draw comparisons to the mentality of 2021.

Authenticity 👌

Authentic design is powered by the knowledge of right and wrong and champions honesty at its core and graphic designers across the world are wearing those attitudes on their sleeves. With this design trend, we are witnessing a movement, but also, we are avoiding similarity and championing difference.

Highlighting the authenticity of the people behind a brand or product is what the consumer wants, and also, although they may be unaware, it’s what they need right now.

The natural world 🌲

2021 has seen a rise in natural world themes within the graphic design trends. The root of this is undoubtedly the pandemic that has engulfed us for the past year. We have learnt to fall back in love with all that’s around us, the greens, the blues and the way the earth moves.

We all got out and about during the pandemic, and it’s rubbed off on the business world. So the more you see trees, flowers and earthy tones in design work, you know why.

Browns, blues and creams have even become more of a part of everyday fashion. It’s a knock-on effect.

3D typography 😮

OK, we don’t want to bore you, as you will be well aware by now, we enjoy good typography. If there’s a way to combine a message and some awesome graphic design work, we are all about it.

The big mover in 2021 in the world of typography has been the 3D design movement.

Super realistic three-dimensional design work means we can almost feel the words we read on marketing campaigns. The best make you want to reach out and grab them, and something is satisfying about the idea of touching words.

Words are so precious to us in every walk of life, using typography in an effective marketing strategy is something the audience will never tire of.

Fine art fusion 🖼️

If you’re a fashionista, you will have heard of Virgil Abloh. Within his brand Off-White, Virgil has been infusing fine art with streetwear for what seems like an eternity now. From Manet to Michelangelo, many have featured in his modernised everyday streetwear pieces.

But in 2021, the movement went much further than just fashion. Suppose you were to head to your local Tesco, (other supermarkets are available) you will see beer bottles with watercolour labels, and you’ll see acrylic brushstrokes on book covers and magazines. You will inevitably come across lots of traditionally ‘fine art’ techniques and styles.

The appearance of this trend feels like a tribute to history, to the greats even. But it also feels like an attempt to shed any form of generational bias to what makes something beautiful.

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2021 is sure to create so much more great design, we can’t wait to see where it takes us. We hope you enjoyed reading. If you want to get in touch, you know where we are.

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