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In the age of not moving a muscle, yet being able to function perfectly. We are becoming more and more obsessed with online shopping. The luxury of being able to enjoy our favourite products at the click of a button and the ease of the purchasing process is ideal right now. So when you think of home deliveries, it’s almost impossible to ignore the rise of the subscription box brand.

Subscription boxes have become one of the most popular business models in the current climate. Through allure and mystique, and the desire we have for shiny new things. A subscription box brand can offer something a customer might not have imagined before, repetitive convenience. In this blog, we’ll look at the success of the subscription box sector and the things to consider when building your own subscription box brand.

Box off your branding 📦

When it comes to subscription boxes, branding is absolutely essential. The sector is becoming increasingly congested, and if you want to drive those coveted recurring sales, you must stand out. The truth is when it comes to subscription boxes; it’s what you are willing to offer consistently, time-and-time-again that will make you stand out. Your brand needs to be believable and instantly recognisable as it lands on peoples doorsteps. How you achieve this is down to your perception of your audience and what you believe your subscription box brings to their lives.

Successful food subscription boxes like Graze, branded their healthy option snacks as simplistically as possible, with their eco-friendly mantra evident throughout the branding. The brand runs effortlessly alongside the ethos of the company, and the boxes feel like the brand itself.

Graze highlighted its stance on healthy, clean products. Even once we all knew that they were making some great tasting healthy snacks, they still reinforced the message time-and-time again. If a customer is going to buy your brand every week, fortnight or month, make them believe in it.

Knowing where to find us 🕵️

By us, we mean your potential customers. Some will be right in front of you, in plain sight. Others will be tucked away, and the quicker your business finds those customers, the sooner repeat custom comes pouring in.

The past few months of lockdown has seen the subscription box sector thrive, as hoards of potential customers have sat scrolling social media day-after-day. But as we return to what most of us deem as ‘normal-ish’ life, your marketing efforts will have to increase.

Digital marketing is the key when it comes to subscription box sign-ups. Aligning your online presence with your branding is important to fulfilling the marketing funnel. Digital marketing is an incredibly complex world for businesses who don’t truly know their audience. We recommend finding out where they’re congregating before throwing money at your marketing efforts.

Both organic and paid advertising, when it’s targeted correctly, can result in increased revenue. For example, if you want to drive traffic to your Harry Potter based subscription box (much like Geek Gear), posting Harry Potter relevant content will allow you to find your audience. On the other hand, if you are building a book-related subscription box, paid digital marketing like Facebook Adverts targeting readers would be beneficial.

The whole journey 📮

Concentrating solely on your subscription box brand, it might become easy to overlook the user journey involved in each purchase. However, as the sector becomes more densely populated, the need for brilliance across the board will increased. This does not stop with your web design.

Your website needs to reinforce everything your brand stands for. Much like your marketing, it’s pivotal to what you do and how much traffic you convert. According to a Stanford University study, over 45% of users judge a company by its website, so make yours as easy to buy into as your product.

Remember, the whole puzzle needs to feel uniform. Your web design should be easily recognised as yours, and not confuse any potential customers. Subscription websites need to be configured to capture the information of the customer and to process their recurring order correctly. A simple e-commerce website might do the trick, but when it comes to getting this step right, we would highly advise using an expert.

What do you bring to the doorstep? 🚪

You may think we’ve left the most important until last, and maybe we have! When it comes to building your subscription box brand, what makes you stand out, what you offer and how you offer it, will ultimately form your business. The beauty of the subscription box sector is that you can pretty much provide anything. Some of the best boxes we’ve come across in recent years vary from Harry Potter based GeekGear to hot sauces and snacks box Flaming Licks. As you can see, people will subscribe to anything that catches their eye.

If your products are limited quantity or can’t be purchased anywhere else, you are on to a winner. In examples of success story Graze mentioned above, the company is often recognised for its ‘high ticket’ products. These are the more valuable and memorable products which are accompanied by lesser ones which are used to fill the box each week, fortnight or month.

When it comes to the packaging, it goes without saying. You’re in the subscription BOX sector; please make sure your box is awesome! It needs to scream everything great about your brand. Once it arrives at each of your customer’s doorsteps, you want it to be instantly recognisable as your box. If you are an ethical company, use more ethical materials on the box itself and keep reinforcing your incredible brand.

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For any advice on any of the factors involved with building a subscription box brand, get in touch with us today! We specialise in everything from package design to web design, branding to digital marketing, and therefore have all the skills to make your subscription box a success.

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