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When it comes to being a creative, we all suffer from the same sort of ailments. We’re all perfectionists, putting something out there that we aren’t creatively confident in is an absolute no-no. When you are continually striving for that game-changing design, nothing exists in that moment of creativity other than our work.

Flick back to the real world, and there are deadlines to be met, especially in business. We need to know when enough is enough and when we’ve hit that perfection point and the project is complete. Deadlines are so important in our sector. There has to be a point where we know the piece is excellent, and know it’s time to let the world see what’s been created.

Every job we take on is entirely bespoke, we want your business to achieve success, and we want our work to be as beneficial as possible. If every marketing campaign looked identical, the battle for sales would be even more difficult than it already is. Below we have broken down the workflow so all our clients fully understand the process.

What we do 👍

At Create8, we offer a complete breakdown of the workflow when we initially consult on a large project. This allows the client to understand the deadlines we are working towards (and the ones they should mee too!) and how we make the creative magic happen.

The Scope 🗓️

Deadlines are essential to the creative sector as they allow us to highlight the length of time-specific jobs take. For example, suppose you are running a start-up business and need a complete brand package. It will take longer than just a logo.

For those outside the creative world, we know that understanding the scope of a creative job’s timeframe can be tricky. The initial scoping also allows us to give you an idea of the entire project’s cost.

The research 🤓

With deadlines, it’s important that we allow enough time to adequately research and quiz you about your sector. A creative should fully understand what makes you unique and your sector’s successful trends.

Time to design ⌚

The next deadline we work towards is the best one! For us at least, the deadline for when all the design work should be completed. It can sometimes feel like more can be done when hitting a big project deadline. But at Create8, the design phase is everything to us. You’re in safe hands when it comes to meeting deadlines and creating fabulous design work!

It’s just right 👌

Once we’ve delivered your design, it’s time for collaboration. This time you might want to set yourself a deadline as we ask for your proposed amendments to the project so that we can get everything just right. We will then set ourselves further deadlines for any tweaks depending on the number of changes needed.

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As you can see, for every step of the workflow, there are different deadlines to be met. Of course, these deadlines are a combination of your needs as a business and our own. At Create8, we always provide a manageable and understandable service. Leaving your clients in the dark is not a good idea in the creative sector.

For any information on how we can collaborate, reach out today! We can’t wait to hear from you and hear all about the needs of your business.

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