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Bonfire night is upon us, and this year has seemingly slipped by without even saying ‘Hi’. In what has been a pretty dismal year in the business world, let’s take a look at the brands that have still excelled in the past twelve months.

Looking away from Bezos and his domination of the online marketplace. As Amazon’s stock has skyrocketed during the global pandemic, the new richest man in the world has quite evidently profited. However, getting richer isn’t the topic of this one, we want to look at smaller brands who have cemented their place in 2020.

Represent Clothing

2020 has been a pretty revolutionary year for this Manchester-based fashion brand. The Heaton brothers, who both own the Represent Clothing company and drive its creative direction have allowed all of us watching on social media to have a little peek at what goes into producing premium quality lifestyle wears.

For those of us who have supported the brand for a prolonged period of time, seeing fewer trips to Italian manufacturers may have signalled a loss in momentum. However, on closer inspection that couldn’t be further from the truth. The start of lockdown saw Represent turn to limited releases of their premium products. With die-hard customers waiting in line for the opportunity to own something limited, the tees and hoodies flew out of stock quicker than you could say, ‘She sells seashells’…

The last month saw the release of the much-hyped 247 pants. A high spec product that was heralded for its versatility. From getting out on long meandering walks, to dressing them up for a meal in the city centre, the 247 was once again an example of Represent doing what they do best. Oh, and guess what. They sold out.


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247 – Wednesday.

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Bang energy

Despite being a company that’s been around for a while, seeing Bang Energy drinks being stocked in gyms and supplement store up and down the country highlights the kind of year they have had. Access to the UK market is an extremely difficult process but a fantastically lucrative one if you get it right. That is exactly what Bang appears to have done.

The energy drinks and supplements company twins its flashy marketing with a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. For a long time, the energy drinks sector has been in the world of the unknown. If you can pronounce half of the ingredients in most drinks we will eat our hats. That being said, Bang champions their product as more of an accessible gym-related fix, highlighted by the inclusion of BCAA’s and other well-known health sector ingredients. Rather than being a drink on the go kind of energy drink.

In not only finding their feet in the British market but also popping up in the nation’s favourite shops, Bang has made light-work of 2020, an impressive and explosive entry from the ‘brain and body fuel’ company.


2020 has seen Yelir become the leader in its sector and highlighted the strength of great marketing and product placement. Early in the year, before lockdown took hold, the modest clothing brand who offer vast selections of simple silhouettes, were busy flying Mancunian musician Aitch around Europe for his tour. Of course, he travelled in a Yelir sponsored private jet dressed head to toe in Yelir product. That was just the start.

The clothing brand is becoming increasingly recognisable whether it’s the hoards of young footballers wearing it off the field. Or the numerous people you’re likely to pass in the street with the prominent Y on their chest or on the front of their caps. The beauty of Yelir as a business is that they haven’t attempted to overcomplicate what works for them as a brand. The simplicity of their silhouettes is the complexity of what they do. To be successful, simplicity has to be done just right.

We expect even bigger things from the anonymous team behind the Yelir brand in 2021 and we can’t wait to see what innovative marketing campaign is next on the agenda.

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There were honestly thousands of brands we could have mentioned in this blog. Keep an eye on these brands and more to see what they line-up with for Black Friday and Christmas 2020 and then what will be on offer in 2021. Getting ready for 2021 yourself? Now is a good time to start getting ready. Whilst you’re here why not contact Create8, we’re here and waiting for you! Branding, web design and marketing from a Manchester-based design agency, come say hi!

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