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As ‘quick fix’ graphic design becomes more popular, we’re addressing the problems behind the one-size-fits-all solution. Being a graphic design agency based in Manchester has its advantages, our home is a thriving city, absolutely rammed with brilliant businesses and thought-provoking entrepreneurs. However, an increasing amount of businesses are beginning to build their graphic design content in house. Which, if you have an experienced graphic designer on your team, works great! But in most situations, this isn’t the case! More and more business owners are using ‘quick fix’ graphic solutions such as Canva whilst not considering the downsides of doing so.

Come with us as we talk about the reasons why you should hire a graphic design agency.

Not for everything

We know that when starting a new business, costs are one of your primary concerns, we’ve all been there. We also know that spending large sums of money on hiring a graphic design team isn’t always practical and it’s easy to become over-reliant on something because it’s affordable and efficient. But once you go to Canva to build every piece of design work your business needs, you’ll start to see the weaknesses of online graphic design tools.

Just like a good website, good design is also important for businesses new and old. As you grow as a business, you begin to learn more about your identity, strategy, and target audience.

Be you

One of the glaring downsides of using online tools is that your graphic design work ends up lacking uniqueness. In a world where you can be anything, you should aim to be the best version possible. Using a tool with a set number of templates means that others will be using the same or similar graphics.

Customers will notice when they come across two businesses with the same graphic content. It fails to build trust in your brand and reduces your brand awareness.

Nobody wants to lose conversions because someone thinks they have seen your brand before, or worse, you look the same as a brand with bad reviews.

The same can be said when a potential customer has had a bad experience with another business and mistakes the company for you because of similarly designed graphics. Don’t lose out because of someone else’s mistakes!

Blending in

You should always be thinking about standing out. Think of online in the same way you would if your product was on the shelves at the local Tesco or Waitrose.

There are thousands and thousands of people doing exactly what you do, so, if anything, it can be harder to stand out on the internet than down an aisle. This isn’t a two-horse race kind of scenario, Heinz or Branston in the beans sector. It’s nothing but hard-fought competition online, so don’t blend in.


Here’s an interesting point, most people aren’t sure whether or not they own their graphic design work when it has been made on an online platform. The truth is, you probably don’t. Image rights vary, so we always suggest investigating whether you have full rights to what you’ve created. Using other people’s imagery can get your business in hot water legally, so don’t chuck some text on an image from Google.

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As a Manchester-based graphic design agency, we’ve seen exponential growth firsthand across several sectors. Clients of ours have soared above and beyond their expectations with our help, guidance and know-how.

At Create8, we are always looking to push boundaries and reinvent the way we do things, we put everything into every project we work on. So, if you’re looking for a graphic design agency in Manchester or want to have a chat, reach out; we can’t wait to hear from you.

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