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We’re approaching the end of the year, here are our tips for optimising your performance on social media in 2021.

As you begin to plan how your business will negotiate the busy autumn and winter months, you should also address how social media will support your growth in the coming months. In this blog, we are offering you our top five tips for improving your social media in 2021.

Whilst thinking, where on earth has this year gone, it’s time we started to prepare for the autumn months. We know you probably don’t want to say farewell to summer just yet, we certainly don’t. But when it comes to business, you’ve got to keep moving forwards; the show must go on.

So, before it gets too cold, let’s get into the exciting stuff.

1. Where is your audience?

Think of our first tip like Where’s Wally, you’re not going to immediately know where your potential clients are hiding on social media in 2021. This is especially true when they are surrounded by lots of other people who look just like them!

Knowing the exact demographic of your target audience takes time. There is no short-term fix for understanding who they are and how best to drive them to purchase.

It will take time and effort, but once you understand their behaviour, you can prepare your business for big wins.

A crucial part of understanding your clientele is knowing what social media platform they are most likely to be active on. For example, if you are selling bespoke umbrellas aimed at a more luxurious audience, it’s unlikely you are going to find them on TikTok (although, don’t cross it out completely). On the other hand, if you’re in the beauty sector, maybe TikTok is the perfect platform for you?

2. Are you there, or are you really THERE?!

Cryptic heading aside, our next top tip is for you to assess what platforms you are active on. If you can’t stay active on a platform, it’s often better not to be there whatsoever.

Does posting once a fortnight drive potential clients to want to spend their money with you? If you look like you’re inactive, people will likely look elsewhere as they could think their order or inquiry may go missing.

Have a look at your schedule and if you cannot maintain all of your feeds, then don’t; it’s as simple as that. Stick to where you specialise and make that platform great.

3. If you’re struggling…schedule

If you aren’t social media savvy, it can be forgiven. If it is taking you multiple hours a day to work through your social media feeds, we would advise addressing your workload where you can.

Our tip would be to use a scheduling platform to upload your posts for you; this way, you can save valuable time and money and focus on running the business itself.

Create8 Digital Marketing

At Create8, we specialise in creating eye-catching and thought-provoking content, whether that’s an attention-grabbing set of graphics or a sector-specific set of blogs. Every content creation project that we take on is entirely bespoke to your business. Helping your company to fight its way above your competitors.

4. Interact with your audience

Not to sound like we are telling you the obvious, but it’s remarkable how many businesses we come across who still don’t interact with their audience on social media in 2021. The more the platforms evolve, the more meaningful your interaction can and should be.

With countless options like polls, competitions, Q&As and comments, you can gain the most influential information by listening to your audience.

If you aren’t willing to gauge the opinion of those who spend their hard-earned cash with your business, then you’re missing a trick.

The kind of information they will offer you as a business could help guide your future products and services. Audience interaction also opens up to your business the use of User Generated Content (UGC).

By talking to your customers, you may be able to use some of their imagery to help sell your products to others; UGC forms trust in the mind of potential customers and is integral to social media marketing. It also shows your customers what your product looks like in a normal setting, within a home, office, kitchen etc. And not just on a formal photography shoot.

5. Short-form video is king

Our final tip would be to follow and understand what form of content is currently the most valuable. At the moment, the social media world has been transformed by the mass use of short-form video.

If your business isn’t creating this sort of content, you are being left behind by those who are. Regardless of where your business is operating, it should still be taking advantage of the trends that bring the most value to your digital marketing efforts.

Just because you aren’t on TikTok doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make short-form videos, as we see all platforms move towards this form of content.

Knowing what people want to see will drive more potential clients to interact with you and, in turn, raise your brand awareness which is just another win of great social media use.

Keep trying

As a business, it’s pivotal to remember that social media is a constantly changing phenomenon. As the platforms we use develop and grow, so does the amount of benefit they bring to our businesses. Thinking inside the box when it comes to marketing on social media in 2021 can end up with your business being left behind.

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At Create8, we offer all kinds of social media management, analysis and strategy projects so that your business can continue to grow across all platforms. If you want to chat about how we can help you with your latest idea, drop us a message today; we can’t wait to hear from you.

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