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Something new, something innovative and useful is usually the criteria for our latest purchases. Clever packaging design should grab the consumer’s attention straight away.

When you’re a business owner, and you’re trying to think of how you can drive consumers towards your products and away from others, packaging design is your best friend. There are very few set-in-stone rules but, one of the best methods is creating a way your product can interact with its clients.

More and more, we see businesses leverage their packaging design as a method of communication with their potential customers. Whether it’s a savvy marketing ploy or an innovative piece of strategic thinking, you can get consumers to connect more with your brand when you get your packaging design right. In this blog, we are looking at five clever pieces of package design that caught our eye and, more importantly, the eye of the consumer.

Heinz new angle

Let’s have it straight, if you have red sauce in your house and it isn’t Heinz, why, just why? Heinz has dominated the sector for as long as we can remember, and their product is the reason why. You might be thinking, ‘why would Heinz need to attract more customers?’

If they’re going to create a marketing campaign, it has to be brilliant and Heinz rarely fails to deliver. They gave us the Heinz pour perfect bottle, which had their classic label repositioned to indicate the ideal angle for pouring the sauce. It wasn’t packaging design to drive new customers. It was a strategic move to engage with existing customers, have a bit of a laugh, and add some personality to this famous brand.


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Spaghetti hair

Here’s a bit of a different product altogether. This concept design by Nikita Konkin is a favourite around the design community. Right now, the world is all about diversity; we’re embracing the differences in every person. With this clever packaging design, the designer focused on hair textures.

Not only does the product use a see-through window to display the product, but it also makes a pretty dull everyday item; in this case, pasta stand out on the shelves.


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A post shared by Nikita Konkin (@nikitakonkin_com)

Kleenex, cleaning up

We appreciate it when a huge brand switches things up and brings some innovation to the table. That’s why we love these fun and straightforward tissue box concepts for Kleenex. Their interactive nature makes it a little more fun to grab a tissue from the box. If it means children enjoy cleaning up and blowing their noses, then it’s a win-win for the marketing team. They smashed this one out of the park.

TeaPee tea

Here’s a great piece of design concept work that we admire! Focusing on the Native American style, this design integrates a thought-provoking twist on an everyday product. The shape of the product also matches the packaging design and so fits perfectly inside this great design, the peeling open of the box looks like it would be very satisfying. This designer is thinking outside the box whilst tapping into historical relevance and bringing in a small pun for us to enjoy too, brilliant work.

City Harvest grocery bag

Last but certainly not least, we have this City Harvest grocery bag. This excellent piece of packaging design work focuses on healthy eating and feeding those who go hungry. The concept includes a see-through panel (similar to the spaghetti hair campaign), meaning if the bag is filled with fruit and vegetables you can see them all within the bag. Highlighting the importance of eating well for your body’s health.

When innovative ideas meet charitable organisations, it’s a massive win if you ask us! Mind-blowing concept and work from City Harvest.

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