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When it comes to leaving a carbon footprint, we all have more (or less) to do. Each year the facts show that what we are doing as a race is still off the mark, and now is the time for a change. Climate change has been a global driving force across the business world for some years. However, post-lockdown and as the Covid-19 pandemic seemingly eases (touch wood of course), it feels like a fresh opportunity for businesses to make a difference with their eco branding.

With branding an eco-company, there are countless positives to portraying your values across your business. From the product you manufacture to the packaging it calls home, and everything in-between. It feels that throughout the rise of the eco-company, more-and-more companies have attempted to jump on the electric bandwagon and although many have tried, few have actually lived up to their billing.

Sustainability ♻️

It’s become entirely essential that a business falls into the sustainability threshold. To be sustainable means to have the ability to replicate what you do day after day without worrying about the depletion of certain materials. Without sustainability, a business will not thrive in the current climate.

When looking at great eco branding, you need not look any further than TOMS. TOMS was founded in 2006, during a charismatic and caring businessman’s journey travelling the world. What TOMS has achieved is bridging the gap between producing a fashion-conscious product that also ticks the sustainable and environmentally friendly boxes. You could now be stylish and sustainable, and this was one of the most significant steps forward in the sector.

The aim of TOMS is to create a pair of shoes for a child growing up in the world without any, each time a pair of their shoes are sold. With this in mind, they also create each pair from sustainable resources. Oh, and the boxes are recycled too!

Avoid animals 🐰

When it comes to building your eco-company, not utilising animal testing is one of the most sentimental steps your business can make. Who doesn’t love animals? Most people hate the idea of animals being rigorously tested for the products we use. When it comes to companies who have gathered praise for only using natural products, Lush is at the top of the tree.

Unless you’re a fan of smellies, fizzing away in a bath the colour of a unicorn. Or panic buying your auntie a gift set at Christmas, you might not have spent much time in Lush, but we’re sure you’ve smelt it. If you’re a business owner looking to take the morally correct steps to develop your company, you should take a page from their book.

Lush provide products made entirely from natural products and strictly avoid animal testing at all costs as well as campaigning against it. As an eco-company, this reinforces their stake in the eco-beauty market.

Knowing how you can benefit 👍

We understand that the likes of TOMS and Lush may seem out of your company’s league in terms of scale. But trust us, it’s all about being forward-thinking and working out how you can emulate the big players, they all started somewhere. Here are some of the benefits of being an eco-company at every level.

Cost – We know it’s all about money. And we can’t seem to get away from the idea that being eco-friendly is more expensive. However, this couldn’t be more of a myth. Bottom-line figures are often significantly reduced by having an eco mindset. For example, if you can avoid the use of paper your business will save money and put a tick on the eco checklist. Sending your receipts via email is one of the easiest ways to reduce the paper use throughout your business. Additional factors such as decreased energy and waste in your factory will save money. Trust us, have a look into it.

How you look – Eco branding is vital in the aesthetically-geared world we live in. Your commitment to the greater-good should add heaps of value to your business. Highlighting that you are not all about the money your company makes is a positive step and your customers will appreciate that. Buying from an eco-friendly company makes your customers more conscious too, bear that in mind.

Reduced scrutiny – As governments across the world realise the severity of global warming, they have continued to turn up the pressure on those businesses who are failing to conform. Being conscious of your carbon footprint will relieve the strain your business is put under. Making the journey smoother for all involved in the long run.

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As a creative agency who loves a challenge, we are continually championing eco-friendliness across our projects. If you are looking for business solutions, advice or suggestions. Get in touch with us today, it would be great to hear from you.

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