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When it comes to building a brand, many benefits are often overlooked.

Of course, building a brand increases the chances your business has of forming relationships with clients, but it also does much, much more.

The truth is, the term ‘Brand’ is thrown around so lavishly these days that the context is often lost. Meaning, if those savvy marketers aren’t actually sure what they’re talking about, how are business owners supposed to know?

Well, we are here to save the day, like some kind of branding superhero. We will rid you of your branding demons and offer your business a clear pathway and vision towards becoming a brand.

In this blog, we will highlight how building a brand can be an investment on several levels. With nothing more than honest advice and market insight, you will find out how to elevate your business as much as possible.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get this branding masterclass moving!

What is a brand?

The key to understanding what a ‘brand’ is, is to simplify the terminology as much as possible. When we talk about your ‘brand’, we mean all of the associations that potential clients and customers make with your business.

These associations can be formed internally, for example, the way you interact with your customers on social media. Or externally, for example, a good review posted by a local media outlet about your business.

Branding is best summed up by looking at one of the dominant global companies. Let’s take Red Bull; if the company were to lose all of its marketing budget (no more illustrated animations about flying), the company would survive because of its brand recognition.

Whereas if everyone in the world had their memory wiped and forgot about Red Bull’s existence, the company would lose most of its income.

It can be difficult to fully get your head around the premise of a brilliant ‘brand’, but one thing is for sure if you can build one, your company is set for success. If you need a design agency in Manchester to help you build your dream brand, you know where we are!

Why is it an investment?

So, onto the juicy stuff! We understand how tentative business owners and entrepreneurs can be when a design agency suggests investing in branding. This is largely down to how your selected agency approaches your project. At Create8, we understand the pivotal information and offer you everything you want to know from the start.

Putting in money to make money

A brand package often doesn’t come cheap, especially if you are looking for something all-inclusive for your business. That means you’ll need to generate more money in the long run. Luckily for you, that’s precisely what a brand does!

It has been reported that for every £100 that a business spends on design work, it generates £225 of turnover. That’s more than doubling your investment; it speaks for itself, right? However, this isn’t the only reason to invest in branding, so we will carry on!

If you have been thinking about a branding project and don’t know where to start, we have all the know-how to help your business thrive. Follow the link below to see some of our design agency work, and if you’re based in Manchester, why not pop in to see us?

Public perception

If your branding is done to an exceptionally high standard, you can expect to be able to generate a positive public perception of your brand.

A package that starts with brand research and includes every branding asset will skyrocket your brand awareness in the long run.

Brilliant content creation that your potential clients can interact with, or a drop-dead gorgeous web design package – you’ll control the perceptions of your brand.

The way people view your brand is largely responsible for how many sales you make and how successful you are likely to be in the long term.

People who have positive experiences with you will not only spend more money, but they will also share their journey with others. Word of mouth can be your best friend or the enemy you really don’t want. Investing in a design agency branding package will keep word of mouth on your side, and be aware that the consumer’s voice is more valuable than ever.

Highlighting differences

A brand is an investment – it highlights the differences between you and your competitors. It’s those variances that will drive sales in your favour, especially when your product is reinforced with great branding.

It’s essential to think about how your product sits next to your competition on a shelf. If your product looks incredible and connects with your potential clients, it is far more likely that they will choose to purchase your product.

Your branding can also highlight your product as premium amongst your competition, depending on things like colour schemes, tone of voice, extended identity and online presence.

Adding value

It may seem like a vain mentality, but consumers are far more likely to spend money on a branded product than an unbranded one.

Your brand is flexible and can be extended throughout your product offering, which means you can grow your business strategically by investing in a robust brand package. Companies that fail to invest in branding are often left stuck in a ‘one product’ scenario, where growth and business development can be hampered.

To fully understand how a universal brand can benefit your business, look at some of the biggest supermarket brands. Asda and Tesco built their brands around offering bargain prices on daily commodities. However, this branding allowed the companies to move into other sectors and command a presence from brand recognition alone.

Before we knew it, these mega-brands had gone from offering food to mobile phone packages and even insurance, without changing their logo every time, but instead extending their brand outwards. The beauty of moving into new sectors was that consumers already knew the brands and recognised them for their reliability.

If this strategy is implemented well, it adds extra value to your business as it means your brand can become a significant player in several different sectors if it wants to.

This can work in reverse if your branding isn’t executed well. If customers aren’t fans of your brand, they may choose to also avoid you in other sectors.

Save on marketing

Okay, we get it; if you can save money, you’ll want to know. Well, that’s exactly what building a brand can do for you. A brand that is cohesive and well received can help you save money on your marketing.

How? Well, by fully understanding your brand’s target audience, you can make sure that your product is offered to a relevant audience every time. You won’t have to waste time and money on marketing that is scattered and untargeted.

A brand that fully understands its strategic approach can also produce marketing campaigns that are instantly integrated. An easily recognisable marketing campaign will build consumer confidence and drive more sales. Build a brand today and save money long-term.

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Why not invest in branding with us?

At Create8, we help our clients to make something exceptional of their business and leave no stone unturned in the branding department.

If you’ve read through our blogs, you’ll know we are all about building brilliant brands, offering our expert advice and helping each of our clients in every way possible. As other design agencies focus on why you should use them, we continue to offer concise blog posts so that you can make your own decisions along the way.

As an agency that is flexible in project options, we can build something entirely bespoke for your business. Building a brand can be incredibly fun and very rewarding once you start to see people appreciating your brand further down the line.

So if you want to catch up with your Manchester-based design agency today, phone, email, or a cuppa and a biscuit, give us a call.

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