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Trust us, we know how difficult it can be to drive that much-needed traffic to your website in the run-up to Christmas. It’s a frustrating process when you see how busy social media is and how frequently people are willing to interact. So let’s look at three different ways that your business can use its social media presence to send those customers on to your website.

Inventive content 💡

When it comes to the congested world of social media, standing out from the crowd is vital to winning those wandering eyes. Make sure your page is full of inventive and bespoke content. Avoid copy and pasting the same content as everyone else at all costs. With last-minute Christmas shoppers, fitting in is certainly not how to stand out. Brilliant blogs and lots of SEO enriched content can draw product and sector searchers onto your website.

So, whether you write up a review on a Christmas product or offer Christmas advice to those who need it, enriching your bespoke content is absolutely essential. If you’re struggling for time, or to find the words that will benefit your business, hire a content writer. It will free you up to drive those website sales.

Giveaways this Christmas 🎁

If you haven’t branched into the world of social media giveaways quite yet, we suggest doing it at Christmas. Around the festive period, people are much more likely to get involved with something fun and potentially lucrative for very little effort. Most online businesses do giveaways at this time of year, so you’re going to have to think outside the box to stand out.

The usual like share and follow style giveaway will be the easiest but it won’t be the most effective. Something more interactive could really capture the attention of those potential customers. Use quiz questions or physical locations to make your giveaway that little more memorable.


For those who don’t know, UGC is User Generated Content. Essentially it means all of those fantastic flat-lay photographs that your customers upload to their personal social media feeds. The beauty of your customers producing such content is that people buy from other people, especially those who have genuinely purchased your products.

So, if you’re a bespoke candle manufacturer don’t just use your highly edited photoshoot photographs, use the ones that feel real, ask your customers if you can use the images they’e taken. The blurry shots of your product in someone’s bathroom, the shots you wouldn’t pay for, are worth much more when it comes to winning the hearts of potential customers.

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The holidays are coming, and at Create8 we are constantly striving to achieve more as a business but also to be more helpful to those other businesses around us. If you are in need of some specialist advice in the run-up to Christmas or if you need that helping hand post-Christmas, just reach out. We are always up for discussing the possibilities of working together and we love a positive conversation about all things business.

Have a lovely Christmas from all of the create8 team. Stay safe, warm and endlessly in love with one another this year.

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