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As the owner of your own business, it should be true that no one knows what you do as well as you. The question arises, how well do you write? Despite being the one who loves your business more than anyone else, sometimes business owners aren’t particularly gifted writers. In the same way that writers may not be gifted web designers and so on.

There’s more to the equation than simply, ‘will a content writer create better content than you?’ Because when it comes to writing online, there are countless things to take into account. For example, do you understand the value of SEO and how your website content affects the performance of the site as a whole? Do you know what your customers want to hear, and how they want to be addressed? Truth be told, there’s a lot more going on in every blog you read than just a load of text thrown into Microsoft Word. Whether you hire a professional content writer or not boils down largely to how much you know about the secrets of online content.

Bad writing

It’s essential to remember when assessing whether to hire a content writer, that there is a lot of value in brand recognition that can’t be quantified. Your brand could be perceived as untrustworthy if you have bad writing on your site.

Bad grammar and poor use of language can look lazy and unprofessional. Remember that over 80% of online shoppers research a brand before buying from them. If that potential customer has a bad experience or comes across a piece of writing full of typos, they’re less likely to trust your business.

After completing written content, you should be reading it multiple times to think, ‘would I be impressed with this?’ and more importantly, ‘would my target market be impressed with this?’ Put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer, at the end of the day their opinion matters more than yours.

Skilled writers

‘I’m going to write that blog once I’ve adjusted the invoices, watched the news, finished making dinner, filled out the spreadsheets…’ Does that sound familiar? We hear it all the time, and honestly, most of the time the blog doesn’t get finished or sometimes even started.

In almost every business, your time is likely better spent elsewhere. But with the importance of brilliant copy these days for SEO, you can’t neglect it. So, think about that professional content writer getting their head down and knocking all of your month’s blogs out of the park in a day. You need to remember, that’s what they do, day after day.

Too close for comfort

Another key problem with a business owner writing their blogs is that they are often too close to the business. We understand that your product is your baby, you nurture it and care for it from day one. Which means when it comes to being objective and offering honesty, it’s going to be difficult.

This year is all about honesty, as the feeling of distrust grew throughout 2020. It will likely be the businesses who lay it all on the line in 2021 that succeed.

The proximity of your relationship with your business also brings stress. Most business owners are experts in what they do. Therefore, your writing style may not offer potential customers information that they can understand. When you live and breathe your sector, it’s difficult to cut out the jargon and make sure you’re making sense to everyone.

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Taking into account the know-how and years of experience content writers have in producing content, it can be an invaluable asset to your company. When hiring content writers, we have to stress the importance of your time. We know first-hand how hard it is to get through your full list of jobs in a working day, and that’s without the stress of writing content. So, leave it to the professionals and continue to drive your business to success.

If you are looking to hire a content writer and want our honest advice on all things written content, get in touch with us today!

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