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When it comes to social responsibility and environmental friendliness, it really should be a given that your business does all it can to reduce carbon emissions. In recent years the spotlight has been intensified on those who haven’t made an effort, and we don’t want that to be you! One of the easiest ways for you to do something about the problem today is by addressing the issues that arise from hard-copy marketing.

As much as we wish it wasn’t, flyering is still an integral part of marketing within most businesses. Although the piles of unwanted information don’t quite reach the mountainous heights that they did only ten years ago, they show no signs of becoming completely extinct any time soon.

So, here are some of our suggestions, as well as some of the new-fangled alternatives you could consider when printing to lower your carbon footprint.

Green means go…

When it comes to green printing, you really can keep it incredibly simple. For example, your emissions can be lowered significantly by using paper made up of recycled compounds. Recycling the paper you have used is a must in most office environments and substantially reduces your waste.

It’s not just in the paper!

Eco-friendly inks have become more and more prevalent within businesses. Traditional ink is largely petroleum-based and therefore has a harmful effect on the environment. Currently, with corporate responsibility on the rise, it has seen the popularity of soy-based ink skyrocket. Yes, that’s right, it’s made from the same base ingredient as soy sauce.

Soy-based ink is incredibly flexible and can be used to make a range of accurate colours, using this form of ink also allows the paper it is used on to be recycled with much more ease. An improvement all-round if you ask us.

Away from the popular soy-based product is another revolutionary process called UV Printing. UV ink uses ultra-violet light rather than any chemical reaction to create the print. During UV printing, there is no absorption of ink into the paper stock, making it even easier to recycle the paper.

We understand that not every company produces hard copy marketing. We also know that those who sell physical products still have to value their marketing and branding. But we wholeheartedly hope that those who need to print, do so in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

For all information regarding eco-solutions, feel free to contact us, or call in for a chat.