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As we wander the streets, with our lives so neatly tucked into our palms or pockets. Behind the black mirror of our mobile phones, lives everything that we know, every conversation, relationship and fleeting moment of enjoyment. It’s a strange reality, but it’s the one we live nonetheless. This is where shoppable posts and push notifications take hold of possible customers.

So, with that in mind, we wanted to address how you can tap into the life we live and put your business centre stage in the modern world. As technology advances almost daily, there are constantly new ways and trends of how to best market what you do.

Give them a push 🔔

We know, in general, people are reluctant to stray from their lives. Therefore, it could be time to give them a little nudge. Push notifications could be the answer to getting your business back on the mind of those potential customers.

OK. So for people to sign up to push notifications, they have to have already interacted with your business. Downloading your app is the initial bait, but keeping them coming back for more is what really matters! So this is where push notifications become your marketing friend.

There are several different ways to get push notifications to work for you, below are some of our favourite options:

After viewing a product, once a potential customer has opted in to push notifications, you can show them the brilliant products they have left behind. Reminders are proven to drive the FOMO (fear of missing out) that comes with not purchasing a product. This is particularly valuable if the product will not be around at that price-point for long.

Giveaways 🎁

If your business is thinking of elevating its name by giving away stock, discount codes or even a holiday to the Bahamas, you must wave this carrot in front of as many people as possible. Push notifications may be the answer. Not only will great giveaways make potential customers opt into your notifications, but they will also drive clicks. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want something for nothing? Especially a holiday!

Tell a story 📖

Pushes aren’t only great for e-commerce businesses. They are fantastic for blogs and news outlets too. If you have breaking news, people want to know about it. So, getting people to opt-in shouldn’t be too difficult. If you position yourself as a sector leader or industry expert, you should find it even easier.

Item back in stock 🚨

As avid purchasers of limited edition bits-and-pieces, we understand the pain of missing a product all too well. The majority of push notifications to our phones include ‘item back in stock’ notifications and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If your business offers items in limited quantities or exclusive releases, using pushes will drive customers back to you quicker than ever before.

How else can you market to those potential customers, as they continue with their increasingly busy lives? Well, as you’re probably aware, everyone loves Instagram. Whether it’s for the simplicity of browsing or posting this morning’s breakfast.

As Instagram, Insta, The Gram, whatever you want to call it, becomes more business-friendly. It’s vital your company knows not only how to post but also how to market on the platform.

Shoppable posts 🛍️

In the past years, ‘The Grams’ most significant business-savvy move was the introduction of shoppable posts. In the past, the only way to sell to your followers was through a bio link. Which let’s be honest, was a bit of a mood-killer. It drove us away from what we were enjoying and often changed our minds when we realised we didn’t enjoy the businesses website half-as-much.

Shoppable posts allow potential customers to complete the purchase journey on Instagram itself. In turn, this move increased the user experience substantially, meaning more people were happy with their purchases in the long run.

The prerequisites for shoppable posts are fairly commonplace when taking extra profitability into account. You have to fall into a certain bracket of countries, if you’re in the UK, like us, you’ll be fine. You have to sell tangible goods that fall adequately within Instagrams rules and regulations. Lastly, you must have an Insta business account. And finally, you must have a Facebook catalogue set up within your business manager page. This is probably the most time consuming and takes someone with knowledge of Facebook Business Manager. But for the financial gain, it’s well worth the effort!

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Push notifications and shoppable posts are brilliant ways to market using the technology at hand. Sometimes it’s vital to think outside the box and do things that your competition is missing. If your business isn’t using either of these brilliant marketing strategies, we would suggest looking into it today.

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