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Ok, we know you probably don’t want to hear it, but it’s officially Autumn. This year has seemingly disappeared into a COVID-19 vacuum, and we are still thinking about our summer holidays. But despite our attempts to hold onto the summer, planning for 2021, has started. As optimists, we are still looking forward to the seasonal marketing that Autumn and Winter 2020 have to offer.

In this blog, we’re looking at what you can expect from the colder months in terms of marketing and branding. Focussing on the change in tact from businesses as they look towards Christmas. And, assess the way our beloved high street stores tweak their vibe to make us buy more.

All about good vibes 😎

As business owners and consumers, we are entirely engaged in the age of aesthetics. We don’t like to buy something if it doesn’t look perfect, and on the other side of that, a modern business wouldn’t dare set up a website that didn’t look flawless. We want things to suit how we feel, and in general, Autumn makes us feel optimistic, positive and cosy before winter takes its full hold.

As a marketing and branding agency, we love a change in season, as it means a whole host of new opportunities. For example, as Autumn approaches, you may have noticed more adverts in rich oranges, browns and other autumnal colours. You will see fashion brands reach into their vast knowledge and reproduce, blues, blacks and olives. A new season means a new colour palette! And those in the graphics sector are in there too, whether it’s a complete revamp of a website to make it tie into the colder seasons, or a fresh look at marketing with new themes across social media and hard copy flyers, business cards etc.

A good marketer knows how to evoke emotion and the importance of a colour palette should never be underestimated.

Seasonal specialities 🎃

The sentiment is the key to marketing and if as a business owner, you can tap into the route of that emotion, you are heading towards success. Sometimes the key to unlocking the emotional vault of your potential customer is by the re-release of a specific, limited product.

Suppose we take a look at Starbucks, debatably the most significant player in the coffee sector. Why do we think it is that they have seasonal specialities? Well, it’s to evoke the emotions tied within that season. For example, if they were to release the Pumpkin Spiced range of products all year round, would they make more money? Of course, they would, people love it. However, what they would lose is the opportunity to evoke that winter warming feeling that both the product and brand creates upon its release each year. It’s written in consumer folk law that when the Pumpkin Spiced range returns, we are into Autumn and thinking about Christmas.

Could a seasonal speciality be the secret to your success?

The HYPED product launch 🎉

When a brand uses seasonal marketing to its advantage, it immediately places itself above the competition. Why? Because seasonal marketing allows the best marketers to make subconscious sales before a product has even launched.

The best example of this is the “must-have” toy for Christmas. Each year we hear how one toy is set to dominate above all others due to the hype behind its release. This, however, is no more than brilliant marketing.

Not only does seasonal expectation allow us to develop products, but it also allows us to generate word of mouth around that sector. Every year people flock to buy a swimming pool in the summer, with the expectation of heat. Each Christmas parents flock to chase the latest Bratz Doll or Action Man figure, purely because of Christmas being a time of giving. When in reality, those toys and that swimming pool have been available all year round.

Some savvy businesses have also been known to lower the number of certain products in the Autumn months to create that increased desire come Christmas time. It’s all marketing, one way or another. Every season presents us with varied opportunities, and as a business owner, it’s a huge missed opportunity if you don’t have a seasonal marketing strategy.

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As a marketing agency, we love the increased optimism and opportunity that comes with a new season. If you want to know more about seasonal marketing or us, just send a message or pick up the phone and give us a call, we don’t bite, or do we?

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