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In 2018 the figure of online shoppers was around 1.8 billion globally, could personalised marketing be the new trend in this world?

It’s simply something we love to do. We love to spend money, and we enjoy it even more from the comfort of our own home. So if we are all buying online, and countless businesses are trying to sell to us. Do we buy from those who blanket us purely as consumers, or do we buy from those who make us feel special?

Making an experience enjoyable has always been a must in the world of retail. Whether it comes in the form of brilliant customer service or the splendour of those high-end city centre shops. A new shopping centre is always appealing, as too has shopping in a Selfridges or Harrods store, because of the exuberant wealth it portrays.

So here we are, modern-day and we’ve moved away from those brilliantly beautiful sprawling stores. So how can your business make the most of the online retail trend? Without chandeliers or sparkle, you can make every customer feel special, and the means of achieving that is personalised marketing.

How can I use personalised marketing? 🤔

You should know the three steps to be able to successfully strategise a personalised marketing campaign.

1. Understanding your audience

As a business, it’s essential that you know exactly who buys your product, where they buy it from and how frequently they buy it. Without truly understanding your demographic, you have very little chance of successfully piecing together a complex campaign.

2. The technology available

Knowing the methods that are available to your business for generating your campaign. Whether it’s a retargeting system or an automated suggestion feature, knowledge is crucial and staying up to date with all technological advances is equally valuable.

3. Using the data to drive the creative

When putting together a personalised campaign, you have to appeal to the tastes of your demographic and not your own. Therefore collecting the data but not fully appreciating what your audience likes and stands for, is a waste of everyone’s time and won’t see results. An excellent creative agency should be able to drive the creative based on the data you collect.

What to watch now? ▶️

When addressing the behaviour of your end-user, you can tweak the campaign in several ways. The most common personalised marketing campaign we see is probably the ‘suggested for you’ section on Netflix. The hosting giant has implemented this feature from the very start and has been incredibly successful in doing so. By using technology that looks at what you have watched, Netflix can make suggestions of similar films/shows that you may enjoy.

We think you would like this! 👌

Cadburys similarly used their collected data to offer suggestions of what flavour chocolate they believed you would enjoy. However, the technology varied in this example, as Cadburys delivered the message via Facebook through targeted advertisements.

So to think about that literally, you could offer all those who live in Manchester and like Football, a set of relevant fitness equipment. This version of delivery is incredibly thought-provoking as it means you can target anyone within your demographic with something that their behaviour would suggest they like.

Rewards, please? 🎁

Reward systems have been one of the most popular ways to deliver personalised marketing for some time. Take those paper Nando’s rewards cards, where each visit earned a stamp and eventually having eaten your way through copious chicken and fizzy drink, you’d receive, drumroll… More chicken! Ingenious because it keeps you coming back for more.

In recent years personalised marketing rewards have become a little tech-ier. With gamification in the user experience side of things, customers trying to win free prizes where the delivery method is usually automated emails.

Starbucks has been a leading light in this sector for some years. Having added gamification to their app for returning customers to win rewards. Making something fun and rewarding is the way to win at personalised marketing. Let your customers know that you know them, and the relationship isn’t just one-way.

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If any of the information above is of interest, or you believe your business could benefit from a personalised marketing campaign, get in touch with us today! Our Manchester creative team is ready to get started on your next amazing project.

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