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We’ve all been there at least once, forced to delete some of the old photos we’ve been storing to free up enough space for the latest iOS update. But this time an iOS14 update will change much more than the look of your home screen.

Apple has decided to offer more protection to its users, which all Apple product owners will appreciate. By implementing individual app authentication, it’s time to go back to the drawing board from a digital marketing perspective.

The system update will mean that all your apps have to ask for your permission to follow you around and harvest your precious data. Sounds scary, right? But that’s currently what your phone does. The information taken allows digital marketers to display the adverts that best fit your behaviour, location, and interests.

So, if you’re running digital marketing campaigns, it’s time to rethink the strategy. With some preparation, you should be able to navigate this colossal change.

Who will it affect? 🤔

As in any digital marketing situation, there will be sectors that are more affected than others. It might be useful to make a note of them just in case your business falls into one of the categories. If it does, don’t panic, we will also tell you some necessary steps to take to limit the marketing downturn.

Social apps 🤳

Those hit hardest will be the apps that rely on advertising income. It’s difficult to predict how much these huge companies will be affected, but they inevitably will.

Small businesses and D2C companies 🛒

Small businesses that rely solely on their ability to sell directly to the customer will struggle. Their budgets could potentially be stretched, meaning less income and more outgoings.

Digital marketers 🤓

The digital marketing community are preparing to rebuild their strategies. It’s predicted that around 70% of Apple users share their data with the Apps they use. Sector experts expect that number to drop to between 10-15% once the new update is rolled out.

Apple users 🍏

Of course, all Apple users will be affected. We know it goes without saying, but essentially what the updates mean is that if you opt-out of sharing your data with your applications, you will be presented with generic and less meaningful adverts. These can often be more annoying than the way-too-specific-targeted-adverts we see.

How can you prepare? 🆘

OK. It’s time for the information you’re waiting for; how can you prepare for the change before it happens?

Before we start our top tips, you need to understand that this change will affect absolutely everyone. Don’t let it beat you up! You need to remain positive and think of this whole thing as if you’re starting the digital marketing game over from the beginning, whether you’ve beaten the current boss or not!

Strategise 📝

If you’re a company that relies on the influence of Facebook marketing, we would advise revisiting your acquisition channels. Start to think about the more classical customer acquisition routes and leverage them wisely, whether that’s PPC or old fashioned hard-copy flyers! Start thinking outside of the Facebook box.

Verify your business ✅

Facebook has suggested that every business should verify themselves within the Business Manager platform. Once you have verified your domain, there should be no effect on your pixel and your conversion events once iOS14 is updated.

Make your conversion events a priority 👍

Your Facebook ad account is at risk of being paused once the update is rolled out if you have failed to narrow your conversion events down to eight. Make sure you prepare now to avoid missing out once the iOS14 update is live.

Email marketing 📨

Any marketing agency in the know will tell you that email marketing has NEVER gone away. It’s just grossly under-utilised. Expect to see a flurry of companies heading back to their marketing shots when the update becomes commonplace.

Why not think ahead and start prepping your email content today? A great email is still a thing of beauty; avoid being too ‘spammy’ and reach out once a week or fortnight with something fresh and memorable. A product launch or a new blog, maybe.

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Those who will come out of this change-up in the greatest light will be those who embrace their creativity. Be invigorating and keep everything you’re doing, current and relatable. Keeping your existing customers engaged will further your brand recognition, and who knows, good old-fashioned word of mouth may drive those sales.

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