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Unlock eCommerce growth with Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is the eCommerce platform of choice for countless high-profile enterprise brands. If you’re managing an eCommerce store and struggling with platform limitations, switching to Shopify Plus could be the game-changer needed to drive business growth.

Why? Well, Shopify Plus stands out for its unmatched scalability. It’s ready to support your store’s growth every step of the way. It can also easily support high-volume traffic and help you to expand your business into international markets. And with its headless commerce capabilities, you can create a truly unique shopping experience for your customers.

This article will explore more reasons why Shopify Plus is making waves among enterprise brands. We’ll also shine a spotlight on ten enterprise brands that are thriving thanks to Shopify Plus.

Why does Shopify Plus appeal to enterprise brands?

As your business starts to grow and expand, choosing the right eCommerce platform becomes crucial.

Sure, Shopify offers many great features like user-friendliness, quick setup, reliability, scalability, and over a hundred payment gateways. But what about when you outgrow that?

Enter Shopify Plus, the premium version of Shopify, designed to meet the needs of skyrocketing businesses. Whether your workforce is growing, you want to break into international markets, or you need more customisation options, Shopify Plus has got you covered. As well as all the standard benefits of Shopify, when you choose Shopify Plus, you will benefit from advanced features, better functionality, and even headless commerce capabilities.

Here’s why Shopify Plus is the go-to platform for many successful enterprise brands.

International growth 

Breaking into global markets can be a daunting task. However, Shopify Plus simplifies the process by allowing businesses to add up to nine additional stores under the same brand. These stores can then be set up in different languages and currencies, enabling businesses to localise their stores effectively. The best part? All nine stores can be managed with ease from one central location!

New York skyline for international growthHigh-volume traffic 

It’s every eCommerce business’s worst nightmare when customers are flocking to their website and it crashes. Shopify Plus prevents such mishaps by reliably handling huge amounts of traffic, ensuring smooth operations even during peak sales.

Multichannel selling 

Shopify Plus enables brands to sell across various popular channels, including Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook. All channels are managed from one central hub, creating a streamlined process for multichannel selling. 

Integrations and API 

Shopify Plus integrates seamlessly with various third-party services. And if integration isn’t readily available? Shopify’s API allows for quick, reliable custom integration.

Shopify app marketplace 

Shopify Plus provides access to a stunning selection of 7,000 out-of-the-box apps, including quiz apps, subscription apps, and product bundling apps. These apps can be swiftly integrated to enhance user experience and facilitate business growth.


Maintaining data security is crucial for preserving a brand’s reputation. Shopify Plus makes this easy by providing PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance as default. The platform’s security features are also continually updated, offering users peace of mind.


Shopify Plus allows full site control using editable CSS files and scripts. It even allows for a tailored checkout process, with the option to add trust badges, shipping details, offers, and loyalty programs – all of which can boost conversion rates.

Automation tools 

With tools like Shopify Flow and Launchpad, businesses can automate workflows, schedule events, and manage tasks like flash sales and product drops across multiple channels. Shopify Scripts also allows for the creation of personalised user experiences. Automating repetitive tasks like these can help to free up resources for more valuable activities.

Unlimited staff accounts 

As your workforce grows, so too can your Shopify Plus account. The platform allows for unlimited staff accounts and lets you easily manage permissions.

24/7 support 

When you’re well supported, so are your customers. Shopify Plus offers round-the-clock support via telephone, email, or live chat. Giving you peace of mind that you can receive help with your store no matter the time of day or night.

Neon sign in shop window that says "Open 24 Hours"In short, Shopify Plus is a highly versatile and reliable eCommerce platform that helps enterprise brands tackle growth challenges, streamline their operations, and deliver an exceptional user experience. Its ability to manage high-volume traffic, facilitate international growth, and excellent customisation options make it a top choice for enterprise brands worldwide.

10 enterprise brands killing it with Shopify Plus

Ready to discover 10 enterprise brands that are using Shopify Plus to their advantage?

From beauty giants to fitness pros, luxury fashion to innovative sustainable brands, let’s find out who’s making the most of Shopify Plus!

Kylie Cosmetics

Established by Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics rapidly grew to become one of the world’s most successful Shopify brands. Her Shopify store started with a simple concept – lip kits – and grew into a full-blown beauty brand offering everything from cosmetics to skincare and baby products. The Kylie Cosmetics Shopify Plus store maintains a simple, clean, image-led design that aligns with the brand’s identity while ensuring smooth navigation for customers. Features like back-in-stock alerts, a dedicated collection for sale products, new and limited edition labels, and product bundling all contribute to the brand’s immense success.


Gymshark, a pioneer in the UK’s fitness apparel market, sells functional and comfortable workout clothing. It was one of the earliest adopters of influencer marketing and partnered with YouTubers to promote its products. The brand quickly reached huge success, with the company now estimated to be worth £1.5 billion, making the founder the UK’s youngest billionaire. Gymshark transitioned from Magento to Shopify Plus for better site stability under heavy traffic. Gymshark creatively uses Shopify’s POS system to organise world tours and help customers to make in-person purchases at expos and special events. It also uses Shopify Scripts to customise its checkout process and increase conversion rates. Features like wishlists, quick add to basket buttons, smart searches, and a customer review system all enhance Gymshark’s online customer experience. 

Victoria Beckham

TV personality and fashion designer Victoria Beckham’s luxury fashion and beauty brand needed a premium, bespoke customer experience that mirrored its own offerings. It used Shopify Plus and a headless commerce approach to achieve this. The Victoria Beckham eCommerce website combines headless CMS Contentful for front-end management and Shopify storefront APIs for backend inventory and product information management. This arrangement significantly boosts website performance, encouraging increased conversion rates. With Shopify checkout, the brand ensures a seamless and reliable purchase process, even during peak traffic, to consistently meet customer expectations.

Vape Superstore

As a leading retailer of e-cigarettes, vape liquids, and related accessories in the UK, Vape Superstore strategically integrates various technologies to enhance customer experience. Using the Shopify Plus platform, the brand provides unique discount codes and an attractive rewards program. Additionally, the mix-and-match discount bundling feature further incentivises customers to add more items to their shopping cart, increasing average order values.

Shop Mr Beast

From wild YouTube stunts to his Shopify merch store, YouTube personality MrBeast knows how to keep his 200+ million followers engaged. His online store isn’t just a merchandise shop; fans can also participate in mini-games to win prizes, immersing themselves in the MrBeast experience. Shopify’s admin API helps to create discount codes and set rules to allow winners to redeem their prizes, ensuring an exciting, engaging, and rewarding user experience. The site is also capable of handling enormous traffic surges thanks to Shopify Plus.


Huel is best known for its range of vegan, nutritionally complete, powdered foods. It also sells nutritionally complete hot and savoury meals, ready-made drinks, and energy bars. With 120 employees and nine stores around the globe, the company faced a vast volume of backend tasks. To manage these effectively, Huel turned to Shopify Plus, which enables faster staff onboarding and facilitates the efficient management of a global workforce. Features like popup incentives, build-your-own bundles, a product discovery quiz, and simple navigation help Huel deliver an excellent customer journey.

close up of enterprise brand Huel protein powder and shaker on a counterTala

Tala, a trailblazer in the world of affordable sustainably-made activewear, leverages Shopify Plus to present its high-performance clothing to a broad audience. Using Shopify Plus, it created an inviting and dynamic platform where potential customers can browse its range of products. The add to wishlist feature encourages customers to engage with the website more, while strategically placed popup discount incentives encourage extra purchases. Recognising the global nature of the activewear market, it uses Shopify’s multi-currency feature to make it simple for customers all around the world to shop in their currency of choice.


Pangaia is a sustainable clothing brand that turns fruit fibre and food waste into fashionable garments. Shopify Plus has enabled Pangaia to streamline its global expansion efforts using its multi-currency feature. This has allowed the brand to seamlessly begin selling in multiple currencies from the same store and cater to a diverse global audience. When Pangaia moved its store to Shopify Plus, it was redesigned to focus on the brand’s story and sustainable approach to fashion. This was achieved using bold, eye-catching imagery and customised product pages. User experience was also improved by boosting page load speed and improving the search and filter functions. The website also uses popup discounts and incentives to keep customers engaged.

Netflix Merch Shop

Netflix has diversified its brand influence beyond the digital streaming world with the launch of its merchandise shop. Since the streaming service has a massive global audience, it turned to Shopify Plus for a multi-region store setup so that it could cater to customers from around the world. According to an article published in the NY Times, Netflix’s “desire for quick turnaround times played into the company’s decision to choose Shopify”. The store needs to be able to move fast to meet demand related to Netflix shows that trend on the streaming site and social media. Shopify’s company president, Harley Finkelstein, said Shopify is experienced at handling “major drops” and can manage tens of thousands of checkouts per minute, making Shopify Plus the ideal choice for Netflix.

Penguin Books UK

Penguin Books UK is a cherished British publishing house established in 1994 and known for making books accessible to everyone. Beyond its vast array of books, its website, powered by Shopify Plus, sells branded merchandise adorned with the company’s iconic logo. The platform is designed with a bright and colourful slider, facilitating an intuitive and engaging browsing experience. Penguin Books UK also optimises the power of Shopify Plus through popup discounts and incentives and clever book bundles or pick and mix deals. This not only diversifies their offering but also increases the average order value.

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