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When it comes to WordPress website design, do you know the options available to your business?

It’s no secret that web design is incredibly close to our heart. We enjoy everything about the process of building something that’s going to propel your business forwards. From the initial discussions to the stand and admire phase.

We like to compare the whole thing to the work of an architect. They pour sweat and tears into the design work, all for that moment of innate happiness when it stands in front of them complete.

When it comes to web design, we’ve put the hours in so that you don’t have to. Meaning that once you hire Create8, we work alongside you, transforming your vision into something tangible and profitable.

This blog will look at the two most popular ways of building a WordPress website and highlight why your business may benefit from one more than another.

Theme Web Build

The most popular way to build a WordPress website is by using a pre-developed theme. Firstly, it’s important not to let the fact that others will also have used the theme. Just because they start off the same doesn’t mean they finish that way. They certainly don’t if you chose to use a web design agency to build your site. We know what you’re thinking, ‘why should I choose a themed web build?’ Well, here are some of the answers.


Themed builds are incredibly cost-effective when compared to custom WordPress website builds. Meaning that your business can have a user-friendly, professional website without breaking the bank.


Themed templates are much easier to design and build, we can have your website designed and built much quicker if you are under pressure due to deadlines.


The true beauty of template built websites is that once the build is finished, management of your website is straightforward. We even offer training, so there are no worries there either!


Before we start any build, we offer advice and suggest themes for your business, you can then choose a theme that best suits what you need. You won’t have to worry about not liking what your web designer produces. You will already know the general layout and usability of your website.

Custom development

Just because you’ve chosen a themed WordPress website build doesn’t mean you are stuck to the exact template you have selected. We can add custom developments to your chosen theme to make sure it has all the features that your website needs.

If you want to see what’s achievable with a themed WordPress Website build, head across to ‘Our Work’ and check out some of our previous work. Let us know what you like and what you think may be beneficial to your website.

Custom Web Build

You may decide that there is no budget too large. If you want something entirely bespoke to you from the core outwards, you should look into a custom web build. At Create8, we have produced countless custom websites for our clients. You are in safe hands if a custom build sounds like the option for you. Below are some of the benefits of choosing a custom web build.

Check out the Upon Leaders website we built as a custom WordPress website.


For custom WordPress website builds, we start with the coding of your site and put each piece of the puzzle carefully into place so that your website is exactly what you want. Then, as we hand-code the site ourselves, this also means you can expect much quicker load speeds than a template-based site.

Flexibility and scalability

The beauty of a custom-built WordPress website is that the site is designed to grow with your business. So, as you expand, as too does your product offering, the number of pages and hopefully, the amount of traffic. Within a custom-built website, all of this is possible. Updates are easily implemented seamlessly and in your existing style, so, no need to worry.

Page builders

In the long run, we believe that strategy is integral when building a website. With a custom-built website, you can add content, pages and information simply and efficiently. Meaning that if you need to make a sudden change to your product offering, you don’t need to worry about getting the pages built and live. This is one of the most beneficial facets of a custom build, as often businesses grow far quicker than you would expect.

Future proof

Custom builders allow the business to fully understand how their future content is going to look and feel. As your business expands, you don’t have to worry about duplicating pages. Your pages are independent to you and will be as usable and flexible as you need.

Stay quick

As mentioned briefly above, a custom build means that the web designer is responsible for everything from the site’s coding to the moment it goes live. As the code is written specifically for your site, your site’s speed will be much better than those with lots of extra coding to amend an existing template. Any useless code will be weeded out. This is not only beneficial for your end-users, but also for your SEO and Google Ranking.

Call to action – If you want to know more about how we work on each of our web design projects or if you want to learn more about the web design workflow. Follow the link below.

free tips subscribeWe understand that deciding what sort of theme you want to go with is a big one. Luckily for you, at Create8, we only ever provide web themes that we can work with, that match your brand and are up to date with modern functions.

We will help you fully understand the decision at hand and offer all of our expertise and support. Our service revolves around honesty and clarity and, of course, groundbreaking and thought-provoking web design work. So if you’re looking for a web design agency based in Manchester today, make Create8 your first choice!

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