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It’s fair to say that e-commerce changed the business world as we know it. No longer did selling your product require having a wonderfully overelaborate shopfront.

One of the major players at the forefront of the e-commerce revolution is Shopify, and despite being founded over fifteen years ago, there are still some of the biggest brands in the world using the platform. So we thought we would bring you a few reasons why Shopify could be the answer to all of your online selling needs.

Why Shopify?

You’re in control!
The first point when it comes to managing an e-commerce website will always be usability, as this is where so many platforms have failed and still fail to this day. Shopify makes everything as easy as possible, so even the technophobes can get their heads around the way everything works. Shopify is a complete solution to all of the potential problems which could arise; therefore, it certainly gains top marks when it comes to the control you can exercise over your new online store.

Marketing tools

Shopify basic comes with enough fire-power to give your marketing a head start. With built-in SEO tools and an analytics hub, you can pinpoint the full user journey once they enter your website, therefore allowing you to tweak pages to make the whole thing run as smoothly as possible. The platform also allows the user to offer gift cards, discount codes, and valuable email marketing campaigns to fully optimise your marketing efforts.

Everyone’s on their phone

Mobile responsiveness has rapidly become the most important thing about any website. Why? Because everyone is always on their phone! It’s growing increasingly rare nowadays that sites are being viewed on a desktop browser. The Shopify themes are all tweaked so that they are mobile responsive from the start, maximising your potential customer base

Take my money!

Perhaps the most challenging area for all online businesses is how they process payments. Every business should have a payment gateway which allows customers to make payments in multiple different ways. Shopify makes it incredibly easy to set up your payment gateway and supports online favourite Paypal, which enables transactions without extra hidden fees, which of course is a massive win!

Safe as houses

So our final reason, of which there are plenty more, is one of the most important. As an online company deals with tonnes of data, both financial and personal, it is absolutely pivotal that the company’s system is impenetrable. Shopify is heralded for its security and always has been, which is why it’s such a favourite still today.

Hand-in-hand with online safety comes reliability, and there have been multiple famous cases of large brands moving away from Shopify to move back to the platform almost immediately. Why? Well, after moving away, the company websites have crashed due to the amount of traffic caused by sales and offers, costing the companies in question potential millions in sales.


At Create8 we partner with shopify! We love building aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly websites before integrating this brilliant e-commerce plug-in. So, if you think all the above sounds like hard work, or if you want something which is mind blowing and not achievable through the standard website templates out there. Get in touch!

If you are looking for your own e-commerce website, find out more about our web design services.