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When it comes to branding, the first thing most people think of is the external brand of a business. The customer-facing, all-singing and all-dancing facade portrayed to those potential customers across the globe. However, as businesses buy into the ‘happy company mentality’ which was once reserved for Google alone, ‘internal’ or ’employer branding’ has become one of the essential features of a businesses branding process.

Employer Branding first appeared in the ’90s and related directly to a company’s reputation as an employer. In the modern climate, the term holds more weight than ever before. As consumers demand knowledge about the company they are purchasing from and transparency across social media, businesses are immersing themselves in their employer branding in a huge way.

So what are the benefits of employer branding?

Demand 😵

First of all, if your employer brand is successful, you will look like a business that people naturally want to work for; attracting more skilled individuals to apply for the roles you are advertising. The cards are now in your hand, you have the pick of the talented applicants, and you also have leverage when discussing job roles as you offer more than a pension and holiday entitlement. You provide an ideal workplace and atmosphere.

Finding the right kind of people 🤝

You will also attract potential employees who fit your ethos and the employer brand you have built from the start. Recent studies show that after opportunities for promotion and job location, employer brand is the third most sought after trait when applying for a job. The right talent can be hard to attract and can be challenging to keep in the building once they’re there. But if a candidate knows the culture of your business when they’re applying, they are much more likely to stay around for the long run and work well with current staff from day one.

Brand Loyalty and Affinity 💕

As potential customers care about what goes on behind closed doors, and they continue to demand transparency across your digital marketing feeds, they too develop a deeper commitment to your business. Showing them inside your office walls, highlighting the opportunities and excitement involved within your company as well as producing the product they adore, is winning on all levels.

Employees who strive 🖥️

When you build an employer brand that empowers your staff, those who work for you are more likely to be productive and thrive in the workplace. Showing that you invest in their growth both personally and within the business is integral to increasing the loyalty they will have towards work and the performance of each member of staff overall.

Saving money! 💰

The least obvious benefit but the most eye-catching is, of course, saving money and time. If potential employees know of your business, the atmosphere and the way you work, you will spend less money attempting to recruit new staff. Naturally, as people have the desire to work for your company, you may be approached directly by potential applicants and save money in the recruitment process.

For any further information regarding employer brand, how to make it work for you or how to integrate employer branding into a branding strategy give us a call or send an email, and we will be more than happy to help.

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