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How important is backend development to your website?

If you’ve visited our blog before, you’ll be aware that we know a thing or two about web design. Having worked in the sector for what seems like an eternity, we’ve seen some of the most significant changes in the online world come and go. We have seen aesthetics change as quickly as fashion, and we’ve even seen the previously ‘outdated’ styles come back into popularity again.

Amongst all of the chaos of the digital world, there is one skill that has remained essential, paramount even. That skill is backend development; the irony is that most people don’t even have a basic idea of what it entails.

Well, if you fall into that bracket of people, you needn’t worry because that’s precisely why we are here! To educate the masses, share our advice and, of course, sneak in the fact that if you choose us, you can’t go far wrong.

Anyway, with that being said, let’s move on to the juicy stuff!

What is backend development?

Let’s head right back to basics to start this blog by answering the question, “what is backend development”?

Essentially backend development is what keeps all of those wonderful websites running behind the scenes. We say this without expecting any cheers, although we know there will be a web developer somewhere who just punched the air like Gary Neville against Liverpool.

A backend web developer focuses their work on how a website runs and operates. They build out code that focuses on how functional the website is and how the artificial intelligence will know when to behave in a certain way. Let’s think of backend developers as mystery vigilantes, the world never sees their work in its rawest form, but it makes it a better place for all of us.

Backend web developers have a whole host of responsibilities that include the programming of code to interact with one or more databases, creating libraries, working on data architecture and the processes of the website itself, and plenty more. Think of it this way, when you click on an item and select to add it to your cart; it’s the code that tells the website that you want to purchase that item. Without coding or programming, the buttons on the website would be for show only. Cool, right?

So, what’s a front-end developer?

Despite this blog being specifically about backend development, we thought it best to address this question. Essentially the front-end development of a website regards all of the graphics and how it looks. So, someone who specialises in design and aesthetics may be a great front-end developer but may not know how to write code or manage backend programming.

Web Design at Create8

Luckily, when you choose Create8, you are selecting an agency that deals with full-stack development. This means that we do all of the work, from the free-flowing aesthetic of the website to the hard-wiring and the way the site reacts to specific user behaviours.

When you pick us to help build your website, you get everything in one package. We are able to help develop your website to look the way you always imagined and also align the way the website interacts when being used with the needs of your audience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Follow the link below and head over to our website. Check out some of the brilliant projects we’ve worked on recently, and there’s also a contact form for you to get in touch.

Web Design

What does a backend developer do, and how does my website benefit?

If you’ve not been impressed by the importance of a backend developer thus far, we will stress again websites are working because of backend developers. But, to cement their reputation, we will break down some of their jobs and how they will benefit you as a business owner.

Programming & Coding: Ok, as mentioned above, it seems only fair to start with one of the most technical aspects of backend development. Without the code telling your website how to run and what actions to perform, you would essentially have a nice image with no functionality behind it.

When the code behind your website runs, it tells the elements of the website what they should be doing next and how to do it. For example, when I click on your website’s menu, how does it know to reveal the next page or show me a drop-down tab? Well, it knows because the code behind the scenes tells it to do what we are asking. Without the programming and coding that backend developers do on your website, you couldn’t have any interactivity, functionality or actions. Therefore you would never make a sale, share your information or highlight how fantastic your services are; in fact, you wouldn’t even have a website.

Putting out fires: If you currently have a website of your own, the chances are, at some point, it’s crashed. Hey, you’ll probably remember October 4th 2021, when Facebook and all its sister companies crashed…it happens to the best of us!

Well, it falls into the remit of a backend developer to deal with these issues. When a website isn’t working correctly, it’s almost always something far deeper than surface level and therefore requires someone who is a specialist to deal with it. From broken applications to bugs, it lands at the feet of the backend developer. So, next time your website crashes at a crazy hour on Black Friday, and you need to get back online as quickly as possible to start generating sales again, think of the backend development involved.

How does backend development work?

Now you’ve got through the basics, we wanted to explain how backend development works and how your website is essentially governed by the work we do on the backend.

Essentially there are three parts to backend development. The Server, The App and The Database. All of these components work together to allow developers to create a website that works in a way that optimises the experience of your user.

The server is the computer or website itself; it listens for incoming requests and processes how best to deal with the information it is receiving. The server itself can send all kinds of responses, including HTTP status codes. We are sure you must have seen a 404 Error code at some point when navigating to a missing URL; well, that is the server receiving a response and portraying it to the developer.

The App is the application running on the server that recognises the requests, gathers data from the database and sends a response. The App runs on the logic that has been input by a developer, using the same example as above; when you land on the 404 error, the App, if programmed to do so, will reroute the user to a relevant page based on the error response it received. The App is essential as if programmed correctly, it can keep your website functional even when some errors may have occurred.

The database element is essential on many levels. Firstly it provides safe storage for all of the information stored on the website; for example, if bugs infected your website, the database would have a backup of your website within its memory. The database, however, also helps when a user interacts with your website. For example, if a user queries something about your website, the database can produce the most relevant information by digging through previously conducted searches.

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As you may have guessed from this blog, backend development is one of the most technical elements involved in web design. However, to make a website work the way your audience desires, it’s also essential to conduct research to gain knowledge based on their behaviour.

Have you ever wondered why websites in certain sectors behave in a similar manner? This is down to backend developers understanding the behaviour of the audience and tailoring the way the website works to fit in line with their interaction.

At Create8, we specialise in full-stack development. Therefore, our team builds and designs your website from the ground up. We take care of all the incredibly fiddly backend development and structure your website in a way that aligns with the activity of your customers.

But we’re not finished!

We also manage the design from start to finish, meaning that you can have your website look exactly as you desire. Finding an agency that specialises in both backend and the front-end design is becoming more commonplace, but finding one that builds websites as good as ours is almost impossible!

Follow the link below to have a look at some of our most recent web development projects. If you see anything that inspires what you are looking for, we would love to hear from you! Simply follow the contact us menu on the homepage, or, of course, you could give us a call!

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