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Gorgias is our Shopify App of the month.

We don’t try to keep our passion for all things eCommerce under wraps, which is why we’ve elected to give you a rundown of our app of the month. Following little debate, our team of expert web developers selected Gorgias as their App of the month.

In this blog, we’re explaining what Gorgias does, why we like its functionality and how the app may be able to help your business grow. So, let’s move swiftly on.

About Gorgias

So, we know what you’re thinking, “What is Gorgias?”

Before we jump into that, let’s talk about customer service. When shopping, potential online clients want to feel like the business they have chosen to shop with provides a unique customer service experience.

As websites become more responsive and we fight against others to pick up those much-needed sales, you need your Shopify site to do more than the competition. No longer is it ok for a website to purely sell your products and services and offer nothing more than the cold touch of a keyboard.

Shopify and eCommerce websites generally have a much more significant role to play. We also understand that you only have a finite amount of time to complete those daily tasks; we don’t expect you to give up your work/life balance. But that’s precisely where Gorgias comes into the equation.

As an App, Gorgias is a complete helpdesk for your eCommerce website. If you think about it, the kiosk is your local supermarket where someone is standing waiting to help you. That person in the eCommerce world is Gorgias, and they can’t wait to help.

From the Gorgias interface, you can manage all the interactions with your website and even automate some for efficiency.

So, now you know what Gorgias is, it’s time to talk about how it can help you, how much it costs and what it aims to achieve.

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Gorgias features

The overarching aim of the Gorgias application is to provide a one-stop hub for all things eCommerce customer service. It focuses on allowing your staff to advise customers rather than waste time scrolling through mountains of messages.


Smart autoresponders
The smart autoresponder feature is particularly impressive. Gorgias allows the user to create a set of rules that inform the system to respond to customers’ questions and queries automatically.

The app also ranks tickets in order of importance of query, saving a whole lot of time and human resources. It is estimated that this addition alone can save up to 30% of the time spent organising responses.

Support channel connections
If you’ve worked for a large company, you’ll understand the pain of scrolling through different platforms and feeds, answering question after question. Well, worry no more! Gorgias allows you to connect all your channels that require customer support. You can find emails, social media comments, ad comments and loads more all waiting for you on your Gorgias worktop. Sold, right?

Live chat conversations
The key to making conversions is understanding how to optimise your traffic. Whilst generating traffic can be simple at times, maintaining that that traffic is!

The Gorgias LiveChat is one of the best in the business. It allows your eCommerce site to talk your traffic through their journey, allowing you to offer advice on products in their cart or even offer a little incentivised discount code.

A business that treats its customers well whilst they are on the site is far more likely to win over that hard to convert traffic.

Gorgias has found a way to cover it all; it even offers a dashboard specifically designed for your business’s revenue. You can incentivise your customer support team by tracking the sales made on the back of the support they provided.

The dashboard also offers features to track response time and customer satisfaction, so you can evaluate success across the board.

Conversation history
With Gorgias, your business’s interactions with potential customers are tracked and captured regardless of the platform. Meaning you can offer advice based on previous interactions to offer the most complete and personable service.


We think the mention of cross-channel integration may have caught your eye, so here’s a quick list of some of the places Gorgias pulls its customer service info from:

• Instagram
• Facebook Messenger
• Facebook Comments
• Magento
• Live Chat
• Mailchimp
• Twitter
• Gmail
• WooCommerce
• Slack
• Klaviyo

Quite the list we think, and the Gorgias specialists are continuously adding to the integration options.


The part you’ve probably not been waiting for is here; it’s time to talk about pricing. First of all, you can get your teeth into the application for free by adding the free trial and scheduling a call with a member of their sales team. We think this is great because not only will you get a feel for how helpful Gorgias could be, but you’ll also get some advice as to whether you need the app or not.

However, should you want to sink your teeth deeper into this brilliant software, the company offers three standard pricing plans.

Basic – is $50/month and includes 300 tickets/month and an additional fee of $40 for each extra 100 tickets.

Pro – is $300/month and consists of 2000 tickets/month and an additional fee of $36 for each extra 100 tickets.

Advanced – is $750/month and consists of 5000 tickets/month and an additional fee of $36 for each extra 100 tickets.

Gorgias also gives the extra incentive of free months if you pay your bill annually. For the Basic offering, you receive one free month, and for the Pro and Advance offering, you receive two free months.

If you think that your business may be able to deal with more than the 5,000 tickets in the Advanced package, you can build your own custom offering where you are billed for your usage based on the number of customer service staff you hire and tickets you’ll need.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as this helpful automation comes at an additional cost. For the Basic, it’s $25/month, for Pro, it’s $150/month and for Advanced, $375/month.

General opinion

The opinion of Gorgias amongst customers is close to sterling. The app enjoys a rating of 4.8/5 in the Shopify store and is championed by businesses of varying sizes.

Customers mention how easy the platform is to use as one of its main strengths and the support that the Gorgias team provides to help you get started. The app also (importantly) has 24/7 support, so no matter what time of day, if you are struggling to get to grips with the application, the team will be on hand to help.

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