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Today we re-launch our brand

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to present our new brand to the world!

Wait, you look different. New hair? kind of… New trainers? you could call it that…

New personality? nope, that’s staying.

We’ve taken the original personality of the agency and refreshed the overall look to match.

You might be thinking, why? What’s the point? Well, we’ve finally found our true purpose as an agency and want you to know it too every time you see our brand.

We’re always presenting branding concepts to clients, so whilst we work on improving everybody else’s identity, it’s also good to focus on ours too. Although finding the time to develop our own brand is always at the bottom of the list. We now know we can choose our own path and exploit our strengths, embracing our youthful side!… but that being said, we’ve done alright up to now, but why not show it off with a swanky new logo?

We are always improving Create8, but along the way, this constant development also changes the way we want people to see us. We’re a young team of designers who want to be known as the agency who challenges the norm, but also want to show that we’re capable of mixing with the best of them.


Our first EVER logo (2015)

Our first logo was absolutely terrible, don’t ask us why we designed it this way, but we did!


Our second attempt (2017)

That quickly changed to a more “clean and techie” feel brand, which actually had a nice meaning behind it.

The pencil showing creativity and the gap being at number 8 on a clock… but as the years passed, it’s no longer true to our company.

Third time’s lucky! (2020)

We know what you’re thinking; come on then, tell me what the re-brand really means.

Well here we go…

Our new identity displays the strengths our team has, creative and fresh ideas. We’re a team of young designers who look forward to every challenge put in front of us and that’s how we want to show ourselves from the start. We wanted something simple, snappy, clean and with a clever meaning. We’ve always been a well connected agency, so ‘connecting the dots’ makes sense as the inspiration behind the new icon. Using the custom typeface gives our agency a professional feel without losing our personality and tone of voice.



The icon resembles two dots joining together, meaning we connect the dots between you and your design goals. It also doubles as our number 8, a constant within all our logos. We are Create8 after all! This icon uses our 8 more subtly in comparison to our past designs, we no longer feel it has to be at the forefront of our branding.

Colour Palette

The colour red within our brand is to represent our youthful energy, passion and desire to present the best ideas. The colour palette also features a slight gradient into pink which helps tone down the aggression of the red (but it doesn’t tone down what the red implies.)

Tone Of Voice

Everything about our new brand is to show and bring more enjoyment to the design process, for us and you! This flows through to the tone of voice and personality of our brand, bringing a youthful and creative flavour to our content. We want people to challenge our agency. You will notice the typography and wording within our new marketing material and website represent this.

Our new strapline for 2020 is “Challenge the norm”. This is like our movement, advising our clients to challenge how they go about marketing their business. How do you stand out from a crowd?… by not being normal. And in return we expect them to challenge us to bring their ideas to life.



Our typography choices represent our company culture and we hope to project our personality through them.
Our “shouty” font is our primary font for getting creative and getting our point across – big, bold and eye-catching, we won’t be ignored!
Our secondary paragraph typography choice is clean, modern and demonstrates our professionalism when it’s time to get down to business.

What does the future hold?

You will be seeing some noticeable changes at Create8 as we continue in the direction we are heading. This will include a new website, social advertising presence, new marketing material, services, new members to our tight-knit team and much more. Don’t worry, you will still get the same personal and fun service we like to offer, we just wanted a little spruce up!

Let us know what you think, you’re on the website already so have a look around.


The C8 team… over and out! *mic drop*