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Need a simple app to edit photos on to go?

Under the spotlight of social media, we understand the pressure for your images to perform whether it’s on your personal or business account. Although beauty may well be in the eye of the beholder, standing out really does go a long way. So here’s our list of the top five apps for you to use to sharpen up your social media content, in no particular order of course…we aren’t that cruel, or decisive.


When it comes to an A-list app for those who don’t want to be anything less than A-list, Snapseed is the answer. In actual fact, we would challenge you to find someone in the know who wouldn’t suggest this app. The greatest thing about Snapseed is that despite it being hazardously easy to use it is jam-packed with fantastic tools, the standard of which are available on very few other apps. Snapseed allows the user to easily edit the sharpness and brightness of images but our favourite feature would have to be the healing tools which help the user to remove any unwarranted distractions from their images.


Mextures is an app we became aware of a few years ago and remains one of our absolute favourites. When it comes to aesthetic, there’s something charming about added grit and grain. If an aged look is what you’re seeking then this is the app for you. Mextures is incredibly easy to use with the textures and filters all ready-made and prepped for you to flick through until you find one that suits your vibe. Some extras do come at a cost but honestly, it’s virtually nothing for a pack of filters to enhance what you already have.


VSCO is the app that so many people are using at the moment, mainly due to its easy to use filters, they’re all pre-coded meaning that even the less technologically-savvy can maintain the same aesthetic throughout their feed. VSCO also offers some brilliant tools allowing the user to crop images and tweak saturation, colouring etc. We also love the in-app camera which offers even more features whilst taking a photograph live.

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe is undoubtedly the biggest name in photo editing and their app version of Lightroom is astonishingly technical. Of all the apps we would say this one takes the most time to get used to, but once you are the possibilities for perfection are endless. With the ability to add curvature and colour mix within your captures you have hours of gentle tweaks available at your fingertips. The free version of the app is much weaker than the paid version and understandably so, if you are going to want the most powerful set of tools, it isn’t going to come cheap. For those who have used any of the adobe programmes on a desktop, you’ll find the app a piece of cake but you may miss some of the desktop tools!


Last but not least is an app we hope you bear in mind when looking at peoples perfect smiles and selfies, Facetune is aimed specifically at editing away those blemishes from your photos. With tools that can give the user a more bright-white smile and even move their facial features just by clicking and dragging, however we don’t recommend moving your whole face about for social media. Facetune truly is the go-to app when it comes to vanity and we suppose just looking your best for those oh so loved headshots.

We know what you’re thinking, and there is honestly no perfect place to start; just jump straight in, edit some images you already have and see where the endless streams of features take you. Follow the tide and end up at the ocean of fantastic images before you know it.