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Having worked with businesses within the education sector for several years, we understand the importance of thought-provoking design. In an industry that highlights others growth and development, we believe that the light at the end of the tunnel needs to go hand-in-hand with the journey. Therefore, as a design agency, we bring a perspective that focuses on logical steps and playful and invigorating design work to portray your company well.

At Create8, we have the best interests of our clients at heart during every project. This mentality is especially important with our work within the education sector. We immerse ourselves within your sector and, of course, your business. Learning everything that makes you stand out from the crowd will help us along the design process. However, we also want to find out as much as possible about your competition and the sector. The information we’ve gained from past projects is invaluable.

As a design agency who champion bringing an unconventional edge to every aspect of our design work, we enjoy a challenge. We like to create flexible solutions to previously unforgiving questions and put you a step ahead of your rivals. So, when it comes to design work within the education sector, no one works quite like us.

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Cheltenham college artwork campaign
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Education Sector Design

Branding & Brand Work

Selling an education-based business can be difficult. Whether you are a provider of online courses, a producer of textbooks or a school full of pupils we understand that your client’s/target market will vary. When branding your educational business, we champion thinking outside the box and maintaining a well-structured and polished brand strategy.

There are countless ways in which Create8 can help you with your branding. From the initial research of what makes you unique and what your sector is missing, through to the formulation of your brand guidelines. Branding design work is where our expertise can put you one step ahead of the competition.

Branding Design Tips:

  • Don’t change your logo too often. But remember, logos can age so a refresh isn’t too painful.
  • If you have various branches to your company, try to be succinct within your logo, less is more.

Logo Design

Your logo is much more important than most businesses initially think. We come across companies who have a thrown together logo that’s as old as time, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!

Whether the company requires a complete rebuild or a fresh layer of paint to brighten up the ageing exterior, we’ve got it covered as a design agency with specialist knowledge within the education sector. Consider your logo in countless places, from the online courses you may be running to the test papers or textbooks you produce in the long run.

The key within the sector is to remain consistent and allow your logo to do what it says on the tin. The education sector can be a demanding place, the more appealing and straightforward your logo seems, the better it is often received. Less is more, don’t forget that.

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Let us craft a beautiful educational website for your business.

Web Design

The education sector has taken an online move recently, the education sector should be proud. But when it comes to competition, the move online has created a business asset previously under-utilised within the sector. That is, of course, having a brilliant website.

Whilst online sellers and marketplaces have battled it out to build the flashiest and user-friendly website for the past decade. Education has only just joined the battle. So, when it comes to website design, jumping on board soon would mean getting ahead of the crowds and truly standing out.

Website design within the education sector relies primarily on the inventiveness of web designers. By taking inspiration from trends in other sectors, your education business could help shape the online space’s future.

We aren’t suggesting high fashion vogue-style photo shoots. We’re talking simplistic yet appealing graphics and colours, with lots of space and way less text; save that for the exams.

Website Design Tips:

  • Think about summarising your offering; the education sector has relied on too much detail for too long.
  • User experience is essential; hiring a designer who knows your clients will help you streamline the process and make building a website fun.
Pete having meeting
Alex Luke and Pete running through some brand identity for Sass


If there is one thing your clients are guaranteed to like, it’s excellent marketing. Will they be able to sing the Go Compare advert from memory, almost certainly. Making your marketing memorable is a sure-fire way to pave the success of your business. When it comes to the education sector, it shouldn’t be hard to sell personal growth and development, but we know it is!

When it comes to marketing design work, there are lots of ways Create8 can help you create unforgettable campaigns. Whether you are looking for remarkable content or inspiring graphics, our team have got you covered.

Digital Marketing Design Work

At Create8, we have specialist digital marketers who know the education sector well. We can plan and produce a fully-fledged social media marketing campaign. Our team of experts’ design all your graphic content bespoke to your business so that you stand out from your competition.

We can also help you with your written content, so your education business can share its opinions and valuable information with your clients in a consistent tone of voice. From eye-catching graphics to informative aesthetics, at Create8, we enjoy a marketing design challenge.

Hard Copy Marketing Design Work

Your external marketing is an integral part of any fully immersive marketing campaign, from flyers to billboards and even the odd taxi wrap; at Create8, we do it all.

The more classic marketing approach can be overlooked, but you must get it right for brand recognition and to be remembered. Within the Education sector, prep your flyers to have a similar visual tone to your website. Keep them clean and aesthetically pleasing and get them in front of all the right people.

Efficient, friendly, reliable, very knowledgeable. Highly recommended and I will continue to use their services moving forward

Anthony McCulleyAnthony McCulley Construction

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Education Sector Design FAQ’s

How much would an Education sector complete design project cost?

It depends on what a client is looking for from the project. Your particulars are what make your project special, if you’d like a list of what we need to know, please contact us info@create8.co.uk.

Can you improve the design work I already have?

A design refresh is often the best choice. One of the great things about using Create8 is that we will be honest, if another designer has done a great job, we’ll let you know, and we’ll advise on how to improve it further.

Is the price different for a refresh?

Prices vary; we are unable to let you know precisely what the cost would be for your project before we have fully assessed what it is you’re looking for. Give us a call and we can work out the scope of the project.

What if I want to change something further down the line?

At Create8, we offer various packages. For example, if you were looking at an education sector web design project, we can include maintenance in your package. This means minor tweaks and updates are included. However, during every project, we offer each client the option to refine the project in any way they see fit, if you have tweaks you want making, just let us know.

What if I don’t like any of the design work?

Depending on the initial brief and specification, we work with you until your project is perfect! The happiness of each of our clients is fundamental to how we operate as a business.

How do we get started?

Contact us on the link below, and we can start to build your education sector design project today!

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