Still Canvas is a collection of wall art made to inspire and slip into your mind. This retailer wants “to help everyone find their passion and joy through canvas art,” offering a slew of slogans, quotes and striking visuals.

Despite their success, the client wanted to increase sales with a hyper-modern website. Additionally, they had to show their canvases off in different sizes, giving customers a much better browsing experience.

Video content and extra graphics would add the final, painterly touches on a store that’s never short of something to look at. Once we picked up the brief, we knew exactly what to do . . .


canvas website
shopify website
collections page canvas


After choosing the best starting theme, we dug down into the web catalogue – designing and uploading some of the new canvas artwork. This would provide a much fuller picture of various sizes. We used black shapes side by side for comparison, while showing canvas depth (again, customisable). 

Next, we crafted Collections on the homepage: a key part of raising engagement and sales. Upselling is often a question of design, as much as the message within it. We wanted Still Canvas’ customers to scroll through more wall art, finding other pieces to suit a theme. 

But we also wanted to serve more international buyers. To do so, we built a currency switcher with flags for ease of use. Some of the other pages stayed the same, yet we completely redesigned About Us, slicing it into three sections for readability. More people would not only see what they can afford, anywhere in the world, but where the inspiration for such wall art came from – and how customer service delivers on that idea.

canvas image mobile website


The client’s mockup canvas images almost look like the real thing (did you even notice?). We are very proud of our work on this site, from the intro graphics with panelled canvases on either side to the clear, delineated product gallery. 

Still Canvas’ menu lays out every direction you might want to go down. Motivational and more creative art have their own sections, along with special offers. Reviews are easy to find too. As we expected, sales improved. There was even a near-instant sale after launch day!

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