Branding, User Interface & Website


Logo Design Smooth Power
Branding, User Interface & Website

Case Study

Lee and his team came to us to create a new brand called SmoothPower, an energy saving solution. Not only did we create the branding but we also developed a website and user interface design.

How this project helped SmoothPower

Why SmoothPower chose to work with the team at Create 8

Brand Identity

We created the SmoothPower branding to fit in with the commercial and residential market. This branding meant he could approach a wide range of audiences and be confident he could sell the product.

User Interface Design

The user interface design used on the SmoothPower unit had to be easy to use, modern and match the branding we created.


The website was developed to go alongside his sales techniques and needed to be where his clients could find further information on SmoothPower.