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If there is one person we all love to spoil, it’s mum. After years of drying tears and wiping bums and never complaining, she deserves a Mother’s day treat right? On Sunday 22nd March we get the opportunity to do just that, but how can we do some Mother’s Day Advertising?

Let’s take a look at how online businesses are preparing and how your business could benefit from some planning.

It’s the numbers that matter. Around Mother’s day, spending in the UK is expected to hit between 1.5 – 2 billion pounds, that’s a LOT of flowers and chocolate. However, as the times and trends change we expect the presents bought to hit whole new heights this year, so how will you market your business? Will you tap into something vintage and possibly nostalgic, or will you go for the techy and edgy approach, because even Grandma knows her way around an iPad.

Celebrating mothers

Jewellery is possibly the most popular mother’s day gift globally, and you wouldn’t be far wrong to believe that Pandora has this market boxed off. Or at least they did have, with their customisable charm bracelets that reflect the character of the wearer, they had the perfect gift and a fantastically large chunk of the sector. However, as in any industry, their popularity increased the number of competitors, and therefore the Danish super jeweller has had to put its marketing prowess into action.

One of Pandora’s best campaigns was a few years ago when they ran the ‘My Strong Mother’ slogan, on a video of a woman changing a car tyre. The campaign highlighted that the archaic female stereotypes are dead, and tapped into the female empowerment movement.

Could removing the shackles of yesteryear be a part of your campaigns in 2020?

Remind me closer to the time

Jogging your customer’s memories is never a bad idea, let’s be honest, who hasn’t forgotten a mother’s day/birthday/anniversary over the years? If you haven’t, we envy you. With our busy day to day lives it has become increasingly easier to do so and therefore if you make sure your re-marketing is on point, you could get those forgetful customers clicking through for last minute gifts.

As another example of companies making sure they are hitting the correct customers; Bloom & Wild contact their newsletter subscribers every year asking if they would like to opt-out of Mother’s day promotions if it doesn’t apply. This is a great way to ensure you aren’t marketing to people who aren’t interested (whilst saving them from another Mother’s Day sales email the don’t want to see) but it also gives a small reminder to anybody who may not know Mother’s Day is around the corner! Maybe they should order some flowers…

Add a pinch of nostalgia

There are lots of brilliant ways you can bring the nostalgia marketing and advertising trend into your 2020 plans.

When it comes to Mother’s Day Advertising, nostalgia can be used as a reminder of when you were a baby/toddler. Giving the gift of nostalgia and memories to your mum. Why not take your mother’s hand and lead her down memory lane, it might be an old band from her teen years or something pop-culture related printed onto clothing, the possibilities are endless. How can you bring this into your marketing campaign this Mother’s Day?

Whether you are marketing to new potential customers or re-marketing to those who have shopped with you before; Mother’s day can be incredibly important to your business. Everyone wants to treat those who deserve it the most, make sure that gift is purchased from you!


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