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When we create a website for an Insurance company, we always research into the market to make sure you stand out from the crowd, we then look into the user experience of the website first, it’s first priority for the user to be able to navigate the website, especially on mobile devices.

Over 50% of the world’s internet users searches are from mobile devices, therefore we understand that mobile will always be thought about first before moving onto Desktop and Tablet. Insurance companies websites main goals are usually to generate a lead, with that in mind we create easy to use navigation, clear and informative information with a captivating design.

While designing the website we are always keeping in mind the Search Engine Optimisation or Google Rankings, to make sure your digital marketing strategy is ready from the beginning.

Insurance Web Design Best Practices

Customer Experience is key

As you know, dealing with Insurance is known as a stressful task for everybody, your customer experience on your website needs to match the culture of your company, we’ve noticed from previous experience that users want to search the web to make sure they are getting the best deal possible, if your products aren’t easy to find, guess what? The customer has already clicked the ‘X’ button and is on another website trying to find the same insurance. Therefore we will strategically place call to action buttons and interesting information throughout your website where the user will want to use your services.


  • Honesty is the best policy
  • Be transparent on costings
  • Be easily contactable
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Case Studies

Our response to a website built for self-employed professionals. Insurance website design for the Manchester-based insurance company.

  • Custom knowledge hub
  • CMS management lessons
  • Landing pages built for SEO
women looking at insurance website online
ipro insurance language translator

Be Transparent with Reviews

While working with other Insurance companies we’ve noticed every lead comes down to one thing, that’s trust. If the visitors trust your website testimonials, they will naturally use your services, or if they don’t use your services straight away they will come back to you at some point, in terms of coming back, this then moves onto our marketing strategy.


  • Ask your customers
  • Add it to an automatic email newsletter
  • Get feedback from your customers
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Case Studies

A solution to an insurance website removing confusion in the switching process. Insurance web design for the central Manchester insurance company.

  • Insurance Website Design
  • CMS Web Design
  • WordPress build
  • Visually inviting design
  • Custom switch form
  • Simple layout
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what we do be money savvy

Marketing your Insurance Website

The insurance industry is a very competitive industry, so planning your digital marketing strategy needs to be carefully considered so you’re not just throwing money at a brick wall and hoping for the best. We will look into every avenue whether that being Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimisation. With that being said, your website needs to attract your visitor, deliver the information the user needs and convert a lead. Once we have the visitor on your website, we can then start looking at re-targeting these users with advertisements to keep your website in their mind.


  • Work out where your target audience are first.
  • Keep your audience engaged in content that helps them.
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Insurance Website FAQs

How much does an insurance website cost?

Website costings are based on a number of factors including; pages, software, hosting, content and integrations. If you’d like a list of what we need to quote a website, please contact us

How long will my site take to build?

The build is usually determined by the amount of pages you have and if there are any complex integrations. Once we know the full specification we can provide you with a timescale.

Can I edit my website once it’s complete?

If you choose a WordPress site build then you can usually edit your website afterwards. We also provide training lessons for WordPress if requested.

Can you write the content for me?

Yes we can. We use a fantastic local copywriting team who provide us with content specifically for the insurance industry.

Can you just improve the website I already have?

It depends on what software the website is built in and if our developers can interpret the content.

What if I don’t like the design?

Depending on the initial brief and specification set out at the start, we work with you until the design is perfect.

What if I want to change something in the future?

If you have chosen a WordPress build and know how to edit the website, you can do this yourself. If you’d like to come back to us, we’d be happy to help.

I don’t live in Manchester, can I still get a website from you?

Absolutely, the nature of web design means we can work over emails, calls, video catch ups. However, where possible, we always like to meet clients face-to-face.

Where do I start?

If you use our start a project form, one of our team will be back in touch with you.