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When it comes to building your website, planning can often seem like dead time. You want your web designer to get stuck into the fun, eye-catching stuff, and that’s understandable. But if you neglect user-experience, not only will it reduce your conversions, but also will your website really be doing its job? ‘Do you need to include FAQs on your site?’ It sounds like an obvious answer, but why are they so important?

In football, who doesn’t love to cheer at a nutmeg or watch Neymar beat the same player four times? But are you cheering if the team loses? The answers no, if it’s not, we take it you don’t like football.

Web design is the same, kind of. Whether your site is successful or not comes down to results, not flashy moments of magic. You should always be thinking about your potential customers and what they want to gain from visiting you. User experience or UX is more important than ever, yet people still get it wrong.

A some Qs 🗣️

Every time we are asked if FAQs need to be on a website, you’d think we had our own Churchill dog in the office, yes, yes, yes! There are several reasons to have FAQs and other than the extra time it may take, there are no real reasons why you wouldn’t.

Your time ⏰

We know it will take some extra time to think of and answer some FAQ’s as well as getting your web designer to integrate them. But, think of how long you spend replying to emails or taking phone calls answering simple questions. Or how many potential customers you’ve lost who don’t want to get in touch to find out a simple answer.

Let’s be honest the simple questions are the worst ones to answer – where the customer pretty much knows the answer but is just making sure.

Impatience 🙄

Most of the times people spend online shopping are passing moments. If something they want to buy catches their eye, a lot of impulses are typically involved in driving the sale. The likelihood of your website gaining that conversion is lower if you take away that impulse.

When the customers’ attention and urge are reduced, you’ll likely lose them to a competitor. This is common when a customer doesn’t know the information they consider important. Whether that’s delivery times, costs or returns policies. So don’t miss out! Answer the questions!

What about shipping? 🚚

Most of the FAQs you are likely to be asked will be related to shipping. Be short and sweet with this information; people are often put off if they don’t fully understand the policy. Sure, you can’t always take into account the Suez Canal being blocked, but do your best with the information you have.

You’re ahead of the game 👍

In many ways, having FAQs highlights your intent as a company. It shows that you are thinking forward. As a company, you are alleviating any potential difficulty and putting the customer first.

User experience ✅

As a business, there is no one more important to you than your customers, and showing that you think about them should be standard practice.

You can make someone feel special in many ways. Your aim is to drive more sales and gain brand recognition in your sector. You want to be known as an innovative business that values its customers. Because not only do customers return when they feel special, but they also spread the word about how brilliant your business is. 

Put those who use your product or service and those looking to use it at the forefront of everything you do! Consider the user experience in every element of your online presence.

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