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The term ‘game-changer’ is used too much these days, and it’s not very often that the new product on the market actually makes a difference. This is largely due to TV shopping channels, the ones where you can buy plastic covers for your cushions and other wasteful products. However, with the world of 5th colour printing, the game genuinely has changed.

Pioneered by printing giants Ricoh, the 5th colour printing process works by adding an additional cartridge of toner to the standard four; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (or Key), hopefully you’ve heard CMYK mentioned at some point. Below we’ll give you a rundown of what White, Clear and Neon toners could do for your marketing.

Adding clarity with Clear

Clear toner, sounds rather mind-blowing; how can a colour have no colour? But Clear brings breathtaking clarity to print. Clear toner gives a printed image a three-dimensional pop, and we absolutely love it. This new colour of toner is also perfect when printing gift vouchers as it makes it easier to embed security codes, as well as being brilliant for businesses that utilise large-scale marketing pieces.

White toner is anything but plain

The use of White toner has taken off within the world of print as it allows printers to produce bright white logos onto dark stock or backgrounds. As well as brightening up images printed onto dark pages, like a print of a fluffy white dog on black card stock.

Think in a whole new dimension with Neon

Here’s where the fun really begins! Neon toner, currently available in yellow and pink, takes printing into a whole new dimension. Both colours can be used on their own or mixed to make even colours which were previously extremely difficult to make. The neon yellow, in particular, has become instantly popular in the safety sector because of how it stands out against other colours. The neon pink is one of the most popular colours in marketing right now as buses, billboards and taxis flood our cities with the vibrant colour, thanks to its popularity in the fashion sector.

Wait, here is where things get better, these neon toners, when mixed with other base shades, can create a complete neon palette meaning the chance for your business to stand out if you don’t have pink or yellow in your current theme. It doesn’t stop there, what’s truly brilliant is that the neon palette becomes reflective under UV light. So picture this, you own a boutique; even when you’re closed, your window dressing has a UV light installed above, the neon inks would glow in the light of the UV like a neon sign.

If you want to know anything more about the new 5th colour printing process, or how we could help you move your marketing into a whole new dimension, please contact us.