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We know 2020 was a pretty bleak year and one that most would rather forget. But without darkness, there can be no light. So we want to share the light we experienced and hopefully, you can appreciate it too. Specifically, we want to talk about the projects we helped launch in 2020. Through the Create8 doors, or through Zoom, which was sadly more realistic, came plucky entrepreneurs. With fantastic ideas and lots of sector know-how, they brought their business babies to us. Which is, of course, an honour. We sprinkled a little of our digital magic on the process and the rest is history.


We built the branding and website for this Manchester start-up. Specialising in luxury accessories, the guys behind the brand wanted to put their stamp on everything they do.

You know we love a challenge, and the competitive nature of the fashion sector made this a fun one. The brand is going from strength to strength and the website is pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves.


We provide branding, an eCommerce website and ongoing social media management for this new gift box brand. Who doesn’t want handpicked luxuries turning up at their door in premium packages?

Walker Sime

Walker Sime is a well respected and versatile player in the construction consultancy sector. They now have a pretty amazing website! The web development project was taken on by Create8 in 2020 and aimed at providing something professional and slick. We think it does exactly what it says on the tin and we’re proud to have worked with the team at Walker Sime.


OK, some of us are massive sports fans at Create8. So, when the opportunity to brand and web design for GRIPD arose, we were all over it. The performance sock brand offers a unique product and so the branding and website had to meet the same standard.

Clair de Lune

The website project we completed for Clair De Lune is an interesting one. Due to the nature of the baby product sector, the website had to feel much softer and natural than others we have built.

Upon Leaders

The Upon Leaders web design project was also one with a great twist on traditional web design. The company itself is a forward-thinking educational business. Building a talent pool of knowledge within the Children’s services sector is essential, so their website needed to feel professional whilst also being relatable. A great project to be involved with.

Wrapper Insure

The Wrapper Insure website project was a web developers dream. The company provide insurance within the lifestyle sector. The website needed to be easily accessible and instantly provide necessary information to potential customers. We also had lots of fun with icons on this one. We are proud of how the project came out and can’t wait to watch the company continue to grow.


One of the biggest name companies we worked with in 2020 was Ricoh. They hired us to help them with marketing materials as they wanted to benefit from the expertise we had within their chosen demographic. It was a really fun project and who doesn’t like to work for a company that’s over 80 years’ old.

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We hope you enjoyed our overview of some of our 2020 projects! If you want to find out how we can help your business climb to the top of your sector. Get in touch today, 2021 is going to be a busy one so let’s go and get it together.

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