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If there was ever a time to combine our skills, it’s now. 2021 is the evil villain all the power rangers have to join together to fight. This year will take a combined effort for businesses to thrive. Together we are stronger. As a team, we can offer much more than we can alone. Here’s how we see the path to business success in 2021 and how working together will be the way to beat the pitfalls of the coming year.

Partners 🤝

As a business that operates in the digital sector, we understand the pros and cons of being a ‘one-stop-shop’. There are countless different assets necessary to be a successful business online, customers will often prefer hiring one company to take control of every aspect. So to be a great digital agency, you can’t afford to slack off on any of the jobs your customer requires or they may go elsewhere to get a high-quality job across the board.

This is where white-labelling comes in. As a creative agency, we allow other companies to white-label our skills to their customers. For example, if you want a Create8 designed eCommerce website, we can complete the job for you and allow you to sell the project on as your own. In doing this, you create an environment of working together to give the customer what they need.

Working together ✋

To weather the storm of 2020, which has spilt over into 2021, we need to support each other much more than just white-labelling projects.

Twenty-twenty, was a year filled with collaboration, from those out on the frontlines caring for the unwell, to the delivery drivers making sure we were fed and watered. Even to those who stayed at home, followed the guidelines and helped knock Covid-19 back a few paces. But if we think the collaboration period is over, we are likely very wrong.

Businesses up and down the country have been asked to continue in the same way they finished 2020. With their teams of staff scattered across the country, with only technology to hold them all together. For all of us to succeed as both businesses and individuals, we must shorten the distance as much as possible. By reaching out to our teams and staying ahead of any potential curves in the road. Whilst some businesses have had to deal with employees who are reluctant to collaborate online, those who have a fully committed team strategy have stayed ahead.


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Our customers 👍

As 2021 continues to unfold in front of us, it’s important we continue to build our professional relationships. But in working together with our partners and employees, we need to make sure that we don’t neglect our customers.

Our working relationship with all our customers is more important in 2021 than it has ever been. Customers are looking for solutions from the businesses they shop with, they want honesty and integrity from the brands they believe in; they want to feel valued in 2021.

The trends for this year are all about supporting your customers. Engaging with them and working together to provide the content they want to see.

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At Create8 we champion working together to find innovative and thought-provoking solutions as much as possible. Our team has an incredibly varied skill set and all aim to put each of our clients’ needs at the front of the projects we provide. As a team, we have stayed well-connected despite the distance and will continue to collaborate on every proposal we receive in 2021.

When it comes to white-labelling, we offer a variety of packages depending on the needs of your client. Every white-labelled job holds equal priority within the Create8 workload. If there’s anything you think we may be able to help you out with, just give us a call.

If you’re reading this and you’re one of our customers, in 2021 we will continue to build brilliant projects for each and every one of you! In 2020 we built our team, furthered our capabilities and became a digital agency that you can be proud of.

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