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2020 was a year where the business world had to learn a new skill, regardless of whether it wanted to or not. That skill, was, of course, working from home. At the start of the year, it seemed like an impossible task and there were some bumps along the way for sure. But now we can’t help but feel it has been a benefit after-all.

In this blog, we take a look at all the benefits of working from home, and some nasty detriments that hampered so many of us. So take a walk with us through our list of how to make the most of working from home.

Procrastination… 🤔

Who doesn’t love the odd bit of office chit-chat? Whether it’s planning the next social or talking about last night’s football, it’s a part of everyday business life. Truth be told, the people we are around are a large part of whether most of us enjoy our jobs. Forming and maintaining workplace relationships becomes integral to our happiness.


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Pros – Fewer pointless conversations also means more time to be productive. Working from home means we have less chance of being distracted by those around us.

Cons – As relationships weaken in the workplace as too could our ability to work as a team. Poor teamwork can be devastating in certain sectors. Businesses must do everything they can to promote active and positive communication. A lack of clarity in digital communication can occasionally lead to mistakes being made. It’s vital when working from home, to seek absolute certainty before charging on with certain tasks.

Time management ⏱️

Sometimes it’s difficult to juggle all your daily jobs. This can become even more complicated when mixed in with unexpected occurrences throughout the day. When learning to work from home, getting your head around micro-managing each job is pivotal to success.

Pros – Well, what’s better than cutting out the morning commute? Nothing that’s what! We love the flexibility of being able to roll out of bed and work from our safe place. When it comes down to time management specifically, not having to take that painful bus journey, or that troublesome rush hour drive means the ability to either start work earlier or sleep for longer. And, as sleep powers the mind, we are all for it!

Cons – Time management is tough at the best of times, let alone when we realise we have another load of washing to put in, or that the cat is rubbing itself against our leg again. The truth is, at home, there are countless distractions, so we have to do all we can to make sure work gets done and we are still performing optimally for the business.

Work to live or live to work? ⚙️

In the current evolving world of business, employer branding has become even more important. All companies want to hire the best staff and the best staff want to work for a business that cares. Work to life balance is the key to employee happiness and it boils down to the company itself managing their employees to make sure that work stays at the workplace and the separation is encouraged.

Pros – Working from home can mean that an employee can fit certain lifestyle jobs within their daily routine. However, tread lightly when doing this as it’s vital that you are still fulfilling your job roles. Being able to do things that are close to your heart whilst also being at work can increase happiness whilst working from home.

Cons – The lines between work and life can become blurred when you have to work and live from home. A change of scenery can be extremely helpful, for example, having an office within your home. However, for those of us who don’t have an extra room for our office, we can sometimes find ourselves working through the evenings or skipping meals. Once our jobs become the sole focus of day-to-day life, our happiness deteriorates, as too does our love for the job.

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As a creative agency, we are all about finding creative solutions for working from home! So, when it comes to helping businesses operate at the highest efficiency, simply give us a call as we would love to assess how we are able to help.

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