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An interview with Scott, our Account Manager 👋

In this month’s interview, we’re offering an insight into what it’s like working at Create8! We decided it would be brilliant to catch up with Scott. Scott is not only one of our newest recruits, but he also takes on a design agency management role that is integral to the Create8 client experience.

As the account manager, Scott is the man in charge of liaising with all our clients, new and old! His knowledge and understanding of business processes make him the perfect man to keep every job as simple and understandable as possible. He knows how to get the best out of us for you and your business. So without wasting any more time, here’s what Scott had to say.

Hi Scott, firstly, how have you settled into your new role whilst in lockdown?

It’s been a faultless transition, to be honest. Being able to e-meet everyone through video meetings has been fun. I feel like without the technology, it would have been so strange. I am already able to put faces to names and understand what makes each member of our team unique. Everyone has been awesome, and I have felt incredibly welcome; thanks, guys.

What are you enjoying the most about working at Create8?

Well, having worked in a corporate background, it’s so refreshing being in the creative sector. I have always been a creative at heart, so having my own input and being able to put my own stamp on the sales and account management role has been great.

How are you helping customers get their projects started?

One of the main objectives of my job role and for me personally is focusing on how we can improve our interaction with clients. Both new and existing clients will benefit from our newly implemented processes, which will ensure our customers are fully managed, engaged and informed throughout their entire project with Create8. My design agency management role is to cut out all of the creative sector lingoes and make our proposal information digestible and informative.

What’s it like moving into the creative industry?

Honestly, it’s been beyond great! I studied Creative Technology at University, so it feels second nature to me. Although I have been working as a strategic account manager for the past 6 years, I have always strived to implement creative strategies into my client and customer processes. So now, being in this sector means doing that day-in and day-out; I can’t wait to get my teeth further into this project.

Scott, it’s been brilliant to hear from you! So, finally, last but not least, you can make one pizza and one pizza only…what are the toppings?

Only eating one type of pizza forever sounds like such a bad deal! However, I have this one already sorted out. It’s simply got to be BBQ Chicken & Bacon. That’s the one. If we are being specific, Sorento’s Chicken & Bacon. If you know, you know.

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We hope this interview with Scott helps you understand his job role and how he benefits and helps potential Create8 clients. If there are any specific interviews you would like to see or any job roles you want to know a little more about, just let us know!

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