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Although it may not seem like it, consciousness is a fairly modern phenomenon in the business world. With Earth day 2021 approaching and businesses leaning closer to becoming more green. Let’s look into what it means to be eco-friendly and how you and your business can take steps to become greener this year.

We’re looking at packaging specifically. Not only can it be the difference between driving sales and success for your product. Discarded packaging is also one of the biggest issues in the world when it comes to non-recyclable waste. So, the question is, ‘What should you be considering when it comes to your packaging? Are there changes you could make to promote an eco-friendlier future?’

Customer expectancy 🙋

As Earth Day arrives each year, it comes with a new set of guidelines and benchmarks for businesses to maintain. As the popularity of Earth Day has grown, so has the scrutiny from customers. The everyday shopper expects their favourite brands to protect the environment. 

Businesses should be preparing themselves for added criticism and further expectations this year. During the lockdowns of 2020, an age-old relationship has blossomed and continues to flourish. That relationship is of course between us and our environment. As we were forced to stay at home or in our local area, we learnt to appreciate the world around us and its glory a little more than we have for some time.

Where does packaging come into it? 🤔

In 2018 it was calculated that of total waste generation, packaging amounted to over 25%. The problem still needs addressing and so restrictions have been put in place to ensure businesses are held accountable for their pollution.

Packaging is, of course, one of the biggest selling points for most products. Whether that’s the sealed packaging that keeps your product fresh or the stunning packaging that makes your product stand out on the shelves. But packaging is a problem, and great packaging with a sprinkle of insight is the perfect solution.

Reusable ♻️

Think about the usable aspect of your packaging. Let’s say you’re a start-up brand making bespoke candles. Glass jars are one of the best examples of good packaging. Reusable, recyclable and they feel like a luxury product when picked up. This luxury feel encourages the customer to clean out the jar and use it to store trinkets or even another candle.

If you’re struggling for ideas, why not run a social media giveaway asking your customers to show how they have reused your jars? Challenge those who are loyal to your brand to champion the innovation of your product.

Be top of the list 👍

Considering how your companies packaging can be altered for a more eco-friendly future can be tricky. Often the better materials to choose from are also the most expensive. There is a reason why plastic is at the top of the packaging list!

But as more and more customers are on the hunt for the most eco-friendly and plastic-free options for your product, being the frontrunner in your sector can put you top of their list.

Making your packaging multi-purpose and reusable will increase the eco-friendliness. Think about the jars and tubs people will keep and store their items in. Can your packaging have a second life for storage or regifting items? For those willing to embrace the changes, the possibilities are endless. 

The future of packaging 🔮

Reading up on where we believe packaging will head in the coming years, is an incredibly interesting use of time. As the world continues to heal, the think-tanks across the globe prepare us for more everyday solutions.

It has recently been suggested that if we look at the food sector specifically, we can expect containers to become a source of food in the not-too-distant future. For example, we can expect containers to be made from mushrooms and other materials that could be eaten or composted. We know it’s a far-fetched thought at the moment, but so was the internet once upon a time.

For us, it boils down to longevity and success. Once solutions are found to be sustainable and don’t affect the popularity of products, we will see them move on a much larger scale. Why not be ahead of the game and start utilising innovative packaging before it’s popular?

For Earth Day 2021, we ask that you think about the waste your business creates and the long-term implications of that waste. It sounds like a simple equation but if there’s no world, there’s no business, so surely, we should support what we have together?

Follow-through 🌍

When you consider the ways your company can become more eco-friendly, you need to avoid greenwashing. This is when a company spends more time and money on marketing themselves as eco-friendly than actually improving their green credentials.

It’s becoming increasingly obvious these days that a lot of big companies prefer to look green than act green. If you do anything this Earth Day, make sure you are making the best decisions and then show them off to inspire other companies, rather than showing off the bare minimum for the reach and recognition.

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Create8 is an innovative design agency that will champion making eco-friendly decisions within a business. With our experience in the design and implementation sector, we love to provide informative and thought-provoking solutions to packaging.

If you are looking at re-thinking your approach to package design, simply give us a call. We can discuss all of the fantastic ways you can make this Earth Day a positive one for your business.

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