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Is now the time to start thinking about optimising your website for Black Friday?

As the remaining months of 2021 slip between our fingers like grains of sand, November isn’t too far away. Of course, November means many things to many people, from the brilliant and often boozy bonfire nights to the Christmas markets and nights on the tiles. However, to those involved in the business world, November also means one of the most valuable days of the consumer calendar…Black Friday.

Black Friday is a while away yet… Not for marketing and designs teams across the globe. Preparation is key for this shopping extravaganza, last-minute plans might not cut it in the eCommerce world. We are talking about starting your preparation today to save time and make sales this Black Friday.

Why Black Friday?

To call Black Friday a shopping extravaganza would be an understatement. Each year millions of shoppers flood their favourite stores both on and offline to find the best deals and prepare for the festive period.

The day itself always falls on the Friday after American Thanksgiving, and as a shopping phenomenon, it dates back to the 1980s. With expected spending to pass £6 Billion this year, you’d be a fool if your business missed out.

So, what are you offering?

Preparing for Black Friday 2021, decide on the products you want to push. Your website would benefit from having specially constructed landing pages and pages highlighting all the products you will have on offer. Oh, and of course, don’t forget to highlight the price you would sell those same products on any other day, easily show people how much money they would be saving. The fear of missing out on a great offer is often more than enough to drive mass sales.

How are you promoting your offers?

It goes without saying that if no one knows about your offers, you probably aren’t going to sell many products. This is why you should always plan your Black Friday sales as early as possible. Giving yourself time to build a complete strategy will increase your chances of making those much-needed sales.

Invest some of your marketing budget into creating hype around the offers that will be appearing and driving traffic to a data capture page on your site.

For example, ‘sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about all our great Black Friday offers.’ Capturing the data of your prospects is not only beneficial in the long run, but it also means you can start building your mailing marketing as soon as possible; that’s a win-win.

If you choose to incentivise Black Friday for your current customers, we suggest adding some vouchers or discount codes to your website. A business can extend the success of Black Friday if they offer codes that extend their discounts.

For example, your business could start Black Friday a week early by sending a voucher code to your existing customers; that way, they also don’t have to run the risk of missing out on the products they want to purchase.

How are you highlighting your offers?

When it comes to preparing your website for all the extra traffic your brilliant offers will generate, consider different strategies to capture the user’s attention and simplify the buying journey for them. How can you make it easy to see, find and purchase your black Friday discounts on the day?

Implement banners within your website, highlight the discounts you have available and mention ‘Black Friday’ as many times as possible; everyone loves sales!

Banners should stand out from your website’s usual colour palette and can be as eye-catching as possible, consider how you can make them clash with your usual style and colours. They won’t be there forever, so don’t worry too much about the style.

Be brave, bold and colourful. Every set of eyes that doesn’t notice your offers is a wasted opportunity.

User journey

Simplify your user journey as much as possible. All your offers should be in one place, don’t leave the odd bargain hiding in the darkest corner of your website, where no one will see it.

Lead your customers to the best deals and surround them with plenty more to keep their interest and keep them looking. The easier it is to buy a product, the less likely your customer will leave and head over to your competitors to check out their deals on the day.

Use your product and customer knowledge to your advantage; if you have a particularly popular item, lower that items price but have a limited quantity available to buy on sale. That way people will come for their favourite but may stay to buy some other things, that’s a massive win for your business.

Marketing at Create8

When it comes to web design and marketing integrations, we absolutely relish a fresh challenge. The season of sales often brings heaps of work into Create8 HQ as our clients want to make the most of the number one eCommerce opportunity of the year.

At Create8, we pride ourselves on delivering thought-provoking strategies and beautiful design work to help our clients reach their maximum sales potential. Whether you are interested in checking out some of our previous work or you want to know more about what makes Create8 such a special web design, branding and marketing agency, check out our services page.

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If anything you have read in this blog is of interest, or if you would like to have a chat with our team to see how we could help you optimise your website to drive more sales, reach out to us today. Leave us a message; we can’t wait to hear from you.

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