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We are just as excited as you to see the back of 2020, but at the same time, there is that deep-seated feeling of never wanting to wish the days away. So let’s focus instead on how to grow your business in 2021. Look forward, whilst still embracing each and every day. In this blog, we’ll highlight which blog sectors are the ones that will continue to boom in 2021. So you have just enough time to get out your pen…or more likely your keyboard.

A similar kind of life 🦠

As much as we wish it wasn’t true, 2021 will still be feeling an awful lot like 2020. So think inside the box when it comes to your 2021 blog content. The likelihood is that we will still need the sectors which have emerged this year, keep on track with what is booming and set up your stall quickly.

Home fitness 🏋️

If you haven’t noticed the rise in home fitness routines, then we don’t know where you’ve been hiding. But tell us, please? The solitude might be fun every now-and-then. This year we have had everything, from ‘Influencers’ selling get-fit-quick routines with no prior health and wellbeing knowledge, to Joe Wicks becoming the nation’s favourite P.E teacher. In 2021, all of those who have gone mad for the trend this year will want more of it, more detail and plenty more knowledge. So, if you can add something a little different with your blog content, fitness from home is the way to go.

Health and wellbeing 🏥

Following on a similar note, just because it makes sense, if you have something positive to say, say it. That was the theme of 2020. Knowing that the number of people struggling day-to-day was going to increase exponentially, the bloggers of the world took to the internet to share stories of hope. We hope the mental health and wellbeing movements are staying around for good. After all, if offering a helping hand can improve someone else’s quality of life, why wouldn’t you?

Digital marketing 💻

Whilst the business world was rocked to its core by the shockwaves of Covid-19, the digital marketing sector stood as strong as it could. As we all worked from home and looked for the odd escape now and then, we stumbled across the businesses who had the best digital marketing campaigns, and the rest is history. As digital marketing experts, it’s fair to say that 2020 brought the sector more into the public domain. People began talking about marketing, re-marketing, social media presence and brand recognition. Guess what, we want more of that in 2020!

The digital sector is one that we are constantly looking to learn from, and without the input of others, and great blog posts, we would all be doing the same thing, time-and-time-again. If you know something others don’t, tell them, it shows off your knowledge and edge.

Gaming 🎮

A complete tangent we know, but in 2020 the time spent at home looking for entertaining things to do, increased the popularity of the gaming sector even more. Trust us, this is a sector that didn’t need the help, but now that there are several new consoles in the market, it’s time to share your knowledge. Gaming sells. Gaming blogs do too. Build up your blog content towards the end of 2020 and get set for launch in 2021, a gaming blog can expect to fetch a fair amount of sponsorship with a good mailing list in its pocket. So think outside the box and make sure you are capturing the information of all those passing through.

Home learning 🤓

With their backs against the wall in 2020, parents up and down the country took to homeschooling. Whilst children would much rather have been playing FIFA or running around outside, it was an unfamiliar job-role for parents. With uncertainty in 2021, we might just be in for more of the same. So, if you know a thing or two about home learning, now is the time to share and bring your expertise to the public. Remember, home learning is not exclusive to children. All of us working remotely will be as keen to learn new technical skills. Broaden the depths of your content to attract more visitors and success.

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