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We’ve blinked and we are halfway through January, and we bet it feels like that for you too. The only problem with being a marketing agency is that you always have to be on the ball. You need to be actively thinking about the next great opportunity and how you’re going to utilise it to benefit your business or clients. So, as it hits mid-January, it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s day. Despite being a holiday which splits opinion, the simple fact is, those who want to splurge will, so you can’t miss out on those potential sales.

Untimely sales 🛍️

As our bank accounts have just about recovered from the Christmas onslaught, it’s time to reintroduce a sale or offer into our lives. The beauty of Valentine’s is that no one wants to look like they’ve gone for the cheap option for someone they love. So, if potential customers are offered a higher-priced product, it’s likely they will go for spending more.

Sales are common in the run-up to Valentine’s because of the desire to make others happy. Sales push potential consumers to spend more as they see the current price as a bargain, as in most cases, it is.

Sale implementation 💳

As Valentine’s gifts can often be purchased last minute, you must think about the implementation of your sale. Think red ticket prices and Christmas reductions but with a sprinkle of love. It is often the wording of Valentine’s sales that drives extra traffic. Tag lines like, ‘spoil the one you love’ and ‘find the perfect gift for Valentine’s’ are popular as they create that important FOMO (fear of missing out) in potential customers.

Email marketing can often be missed, we would advise twinning your email shot with social media content to spread awareness of the brilliant gifts you have on sale.

Free shipping 📦

During extremely busy periods in the world of eCommerce, why not offer free shipping at every opportunity. If you can offer free or heavily discounted next-day delivery we would suggest doing this too.

Next day delivery takes the worry away from the customer, especially during this strange lockdown period. The delays caused to parcels bring extra stress for the customer and reflect badly on the brand in the long run. Think brand experience, think long term, even if it means losing a slice of your profits on your valentines promotion.

Relevant products 🔎

Here’s the key to marketing at Valentine’s. The product offering should be different from Christmas, so adding a discount onto already reduced products isn’t the answer. You should be thinking about the products that are close to the heart, ones that can be used as keepsakes and last the test of time.

As well as the high-ticket keepsakes, promote the one-day-only style products. Whether it’s heart-shaped balloons or personalised t-shirts. Valentine’s is as much about the big statements and the tackiness as it is about the expensive, keeping your sale items broad is the best way to guarantee success.

Gift lists 🎁

Our final piece of Valentine’s marketing advice is to be as leading as you possibly can. Whether through email or social content, make sure it’s mirrored on your website. Offer gift guides for all the traffic that finds its way to you!

It is often the case with eCommerce that the potential customer is browsing rather than having a distinct idea of what they want to buy. Cater to this kind of traffic! You need to have your gift options positioned in plain sight and highlighted.

With gift placement and gift guides, you show your customers the best products for them. Including words like ‘popular’, ‘special’ and ‘limited’ elevate the product in the eyes of the consumer.

Redefine the day 👯‍♀️

Forward-thinking brands embrace the need to make the day special, so don’t promote loneliness and unhappiness in those who are without a partner. In the past few years, we have seen ‘Galentine’s Day’ popping up, promoting buying something for your best buds. Love knows no boundaries and neither should a day dedicated to love. Think outside the box and make your brand stand out.

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The Valentine’s countdown is on! If you want to send a card this, why not send it our way and get this relationship started. Put the Create8 team to work on your next marketing, web design or branding campaign! We are always waiting for the next big challenge.

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