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If there’s one thing for certain in 2021, it’s that the digital sector is going to be hectic. As we all learnt how to adjust our day-to-day lives in 2020, the digital sector did its utmost to support us. Whether that was providing the best video-chat systems. Or it was bringing a slice of happiness to each day with hilarious micro-moments, dance crazes and pranks in short-form video content.

In 2021, we can expect fireworks from all the biggest players in the digital sector. The way we live our lives has changed and the interactive world is going to provide all-new ways to enjoy and celebrate each day.

Over-sharing with Instagram

The end of the month saw Instagram initiate a process which they believe will eradicate the over-sharer. Let’s think, what is the likelihood of engagement on a post if you share it to your story as well as your feed. It could even be considered annoying by your followers, seeing the same post twice, an implied plea for engagement.

Instagram started the process where you will be unable to share feed posts in your story. An interesting concept from the photo-sharing giant means that those on the hunt for social media engagement will be affected. Companies will now have to do a little more legwork. Do you think this is a help or a hindrance to your Instagram feeds?

AR you ready?

It feels like we don’t talk about Pinterest an awful lot. But, in the middle of January, the home of everyone’s inspiration boards stepped up the AR game once more.

With augmented reality offering that extra slice of enjoyment to user experience, Pinterest rolled out an Eyeshadow Try On. Powered by AR powerhouse, Lens, the mood board specialists added several luxury ranges for customers to virtually try on.

Having previously run a similar campaign with lipstick, it’s fair to say Pinterest know what they are doing. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over there. It’s incredibly cool and highlights the longterm capabilities of AR as well as your eyes.

Seeing into the future with Facebook

Earlier in the month, we heard that the Project Aria AR Glasses were finally coming. Even though the head of VR and AR at Facebook Andrew Bosworth played down the initial functionality of the glasses, wearable tech still gets us excited. Some of us are a product of the Nintendo Wii generation, where having even the slightest hint of control over your tennis serve felt groundbreaking. Bosworth said they don’t want to build up the hype so they are calling the Project Aria, ‘smart glasses‘ rather than AR.

What we do know is that Facebook has been working with Luxottica, the manufacture of Ray-Ban glasses. So expect something slick and techy.

It feels like Facebook may have run into some production issues due to Covid-19. Which is to be expected, and as time passes and technology progresses, they aren’t overselling the smart glasses just yet.

Marketers get ready…

Twitter goes about its work in somewhat silence. One of our favourite yearly events from the Twitter team is the launch of its marketer’s calendar.

The downloadable calendar allows all the savvy marketers out there to plan for the big events occurring globally in the coming year. We think this year we are just a little more excited than usual because last years was such a washout. With many of the events noted being cancelled and the list in need of constant tweaking by the Twitter team, it was almost useless.

This year we are optimistic, and the release of the yearly calendar has sparked that optimism even more so. What’s brilliant about the free offering from the Twitter team is that there are also regional versions of the calendar available. For those who want to aim for a more localised demographic with their marketing, this is a brilliant tool.


From the projects in the water, and the noise coming from the corners of the web. We expect a LOT to happen in February. We are hearing of fantastic marketing campaigns, complete re-brands and entertaining content. So, fingers crossed that as our optimism grows so too does the brilliance of the digital sector.

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Just to say thanks for reading our last month in digital blogs throughout 2020! We like to keep our dedicated readers in the know and offer a little extra from your everyday web design and digital marketing agency.

We are proud of the content we put out and hope some of it can be of use to you. Let’s see what the first month of the new year brings, it’s time to get excited because the digital and social media companies will be coming on strong, and we’re ready!

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