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With a new year comes a whole host of thought-provoking ideas and strategies. As businesses make a move from the tried and tested into the previously untouched, they create mountains of new content. So here are just some of our predictions as to what you can expect from your favourite brands this coming year and suggestions for how fine-tuning your content creation could be the key to success in 2020.

Why Should your business care?

Ridiculous question, isn’t it? You wouldn’t believe the number of customers we have come across who still aren’t optimising their content. We understand that it can be challenging to find the time, but any great marketing and design agency can provide content plans and actual content creation, for an increasingly affordable price…

Recent figures show that 50% of potential customers will view between 3-5 pieces of your content before making contact. Therefore, in an increasingly difficult time for start-up businesses and business in general, can you really afford to be way off the mark with your content? Personally, we think not!

This figure is strengthened by the finding that 70% of potential clients would rather hear about all of your up-and-coming products through innovative content than traditional advertising methods. So start thinking as soon as possible, or look at hiring a local design agency to take the stress off your already stretched schedule.

What content is going to work the hardest this year?

Trends like voice search technology are beginning to their weight around in the marketing space. There will undoubtedly be advancements, but we see it being a while before these formats are accessible to everyone. So for now, let’s create a blog based on content that everyone can access and create.

If you do want to read more about what we believe will be the all new singing and dancing marketing trends of 2020, read this blog:

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The revival of the reader (that’s you!)

The more we interact with customers, the more we seem to be finding that old habits do actually die hard. Or, in the case of reading, they have a complete revival after looking like they might have been on a one way trip to the funeral parlour. People want to read again! And personally, we think it’s brilliant.

So, where is your blog? What does it talk about? And is your content any good?

For the coming year, we would suggest an interchangeable feed of subjects including tips, hints, cheat codes, opinions and thought-provoking pieces. Your potential customers want to know how you think as a company and how your opinion shapes the work you do. For example, would you hire a Manchester-based graphic design agency, if your product was engrained with northern soul? Of course, you would!

However, letting people know how your business thinks is potentially a slippery slope if you don’t go about it the right way. We would advise bringing a content creator in to work alongside you. This would allow not only a specialist opinion, who would be able to work your SEO search terms into your content but also a fresh set of eyes to pick out vital mistakes.

Warning! If you are going to steer clear of a professional, it’s vital that you tread on certain subjects like the first of the winter snow. A light, refreshing opinion is one thing, upsetting people and the alienating of a potential customer is completely another.

Further Warning! The revival of blogs doesn’t mean it’s for everyone! If your business is all about being as productive as possible, you should try to tick as many boxes as you can. You need to remember that reading takes time and for some that is a luxury they just don’t have. We would also advise if you are looking to be seen as a leading content producer in your sector, you could back up your opinions with podcasts too. We know it all sounds like a lot of hard work, but once you find the right marketing agency all the know-how is just a meeting away!

The year of home movies.

Video is irreplaceable for your business, and making a good one just got a whole lot cheaper. In reality, all you need is a phone, an idea and some editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects. As Instagram and TikTok continue to dominate the fast-paced social media world, why isn’t your business taking part?

Over half of consumers say they would rather see video content than any other format; video content has always been championed for its fantastic return on investment. As always, you must know your audience, but our immediate advice would be, make them short, snappy and with a lot of punch! Memorable videos are perfect for your business even if they are totally removed from your company’s everyday business.

Although it’s no new fad, live video is thriving more than ever before. Having live video content is the cherry on your marketing cake, and let’s face it, it can be a lot of fun too. Who remembers the melting Ice Lolly video from LadBible? It took the outline platform by storm by putting four of the nation’s favourite ice lollies out in the summer sun to see which melted the slowest. People up-and-down the country watched those lollies melt rather than heading out into the sun themselves, baffling but brilliant.

With live video it’s a case of pushing the boundaries as far as possible. Thinking outside of the box is key, as is knowing your demographic and how far they would go for your product. For example Nike has acknowledged that their customers will go as far as humanly possible to get their hands on the latest Nike trainers. They’ve introduced live challenges into their video content, allowing the participants to unlock limited edition sneakers. Live giveaways will always generate interest but the key is making your potential customers work that little bit harder to reap the rewards.

The use of content for native advertising!

The more technologically savvy the general population has become, the more they have noticed the countless adverts being thrown in their faces. The endless flurry of irrelevant banner ads and adverts that follow you around from website to website are something we hope stay in 2019.

2020 will see a drastic increase in native marketing. By that we mean, adverts that fit in rather than stand out. So additional links from your favourite new site offering more information on a product or story. Native advertising is something that has flourished in the ‘news’ and ‘fake news’ sectors for a few years. As we notice more and more places and spaces for great content to be implemented naturally, we see the native style really taking control.

So, could it be worth reaching out to a local media outlet to offer your industry expertise on a particular subject? For sure. So get writing, vlogging and reaching out, whatever your next step may be. Or in fact, how about having a look at some of our other blogs regarding content.

If you need any help with Branding, Web Design or Digital Marketing, our Manchester Creative team would love hear from you.